(The First Work by me also published on Wattpad under the same title) 




Philosophizing On Words







Author: Aman Mittal












What about ‘em?











Words Words Words…

All the time the WORDS!

From Morning to Night, from Birth to Death.

From a peasant’s mouth, to a queen’s speech.

Even you get bored with them.

OR you get exhausted, you cannot run from them.

They will be inside you, and you will be surrounded by them.

Every second of your life. Though SECOND and LIFE are also WORDS!

They are your best friend, sometimes your worst enemy.

They can make your fortune, otherwise you will devastated.

Even your name is just a bunch of words.

Look around you, everything that is known to you is known by a word or group of words.

Without WORD you cannot even tell what thing is which and which thing is what!

Right now, you can’t count how many words are there in your mind.

I, You are both words.

Think it in this way: Words are free, so why should not you be?

Yes, it is a smallest free form that may be uttered anytime, anywhere, isolating, socializing et cetera.

The language we speak, any language, WORDS are the unit of that language.

Words make the questions and Words make their answers.

You are the masters of your own words and yet you are its slave.


Words do not have any boundaries.

They can’t be conquered like a land or a woman’s heart.

Words are the perfect sense.

A word is a logical solution to all problems, yet it is the problem itself.

In the end, you will be remembered by your words, or I should say, you will be remembered because of your words.



Think about it!


What about ‘em?


Any thoughts?

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