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To Someone on their birthday…

I am going to post here a poem I wrote few months back. It was written for the occasion but never fulfilled what it was determined to do.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In the land far away,

On an island, I sat by

With a bottle of ale,

And the fair memories of the day before.

Sun was bright,

In the land of past,

Where glory and loveliness,

Were like true friends.

Sun is gloomy,

On the island of present,

Where glory and loveliness,

Have passed away,

Into the east where sun might still be smiling

But not here, not now.

There were nymphs,

And being young, being gay,

Roses and violets

Used to shrine in their early may.


No nymphs, no happiness,

Only thrones are left of those roses

Violets have left away,

Pain is no longer sought, I feel free,

Its because of glory and loveliness,

Of the day before,

I could feel a bit pleased,

But with these poor memories,

With the bottle of ale,

Is a man like thee.

   By Aman Mittal


Any thoughts?

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