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This is Where I leave You

Author:Jonathan Tropper

“This is where I leave you”, is a salve for every family. It was just a hitchhiker for me. A hilarious book, no doubt about it, but consist of a bit of snobbery.

The novel begins when Judd Foxman is completely down in the dumps, because of the knowledge that his wife, Jen, has been unfaithful to him. Tropper has written a completely sympathetic character going through a very tough time without making him pathetic.

Each person in this book, even the secondary characters, leaps off the page. Foxman clan is completely ridiculous. The Foxman siblings and their mother are a selective bunch who grow emotionally as they are brought together physically to sit Shiva after their father passes away. This week together is not exactly pain-free for the family, as repressed grudges, emotions, and secrets are slowly exposed. Only after the family licks their old wounds can they begin to heal the new ones left by their father’s death. While each person in This Is Where I Leave You grapples with death, they are also dealing with their own lives.

But as tragic as the book is at times,through the searing one liners and metaphors, the stuff is hilarious.  Between Judd’s mother’s calm, humanistic approach to just about everything, his brother Philip’s promiscuous ways, and sister Wendy’s snappy straight-talk, the reader will LOL!

In the end, Judd eventually finds his way through the maze of the past and into the present.

But somewhere in the middle it is possible that it is not a book as it is easily imaginable that it’s not a novel but a motion picture. I won’t consider Tropper to be on another level but still the book is recommended for a casual summer reading.


Any thoughts?

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