LA MIA (A Poem Of Love)


(A Poem Of Love)



The sky was blue 

Not a single cloud was there

Not a single one grey

I was walking down the fields

Just thinking of you

Just thinking of you.



I wanted to see you

So I decided to be at your place

before the noon.



As I was walking down the fields

 I met a beautiful rose

 Whom I thought would be

 Perfect for you.



But as I touched the petals

The rose squeaked out

In her musical voice

‘ O Great Being! You shall leave me

As I’m nothing in use to you

I have more thorns then the red petals.



You shall take the golden fruit

For it will satisfy your love

And is more beautiful than me.



But you shall for your sweetest

Take a rose kiss from me

As my tribute to her

She will be more rosy, forever, for you.’



The sky was blue

Not a single cloud was there

Not a single one grey

I was walking down the fields

Just thinking of you

Just thinking of you.



I went to the Golden fruit

No doubt the fruit was beautiful

Brighter than the sun.



It was the only one

To exist on the land of humans

So bright, so gold-ish, perfect for her.



But as I touched the Golden fruit

He, in his deep voice,

‘ O! Lover! O!

What I’m use to you

I am just a hard fruit

And the hardest of all.



Your love can never have me

And in some days I’ll be rotten

And ugly forever.



But you shall for your love

Have a golden kiss from me.

As a tribute to her

For she will never feel weak.



You shall forever be with her

To protect her.

As now, you must go to the angel

The whitest of all, who created me.’



The sky was blue

Not a single cloud was there

Not a single one grey

I was walking down the fields

Just thinking of you

Just thinking of you.



The noon was coming closer

So I was thrilled

And I hurried to the angel

The whitest of all, as golden fruit told me.



The angel was sitting on tree

The whitest of all, purely white.

She had the two white wings

And a golden ring upon her head.



I approached to her, and told my thrill

And in her sweet voice, she said

‘ O Great Lover! O Great Love!

You shall not take me

 For I am just an angel who

 Can create the mortal things.



But love is immortal, and i have no such power

To create it and serve it and protect it.

Love is greatest and Love is fullest

If is unconditional

If is deepest

If is highest

If is widest

If is longest

And if it is true, it will be immortal.



And is the only immortal thing

Which is loveliest and not greedy

And not selfish and has no devilish power

And has the power to teach a beast to love.



Yes sir, Love is loveliest!

But you shall take an angel kiss from me

For you love as she is most beautiful

more whiter more sweet.



She’s great!! For she has the power of love

As there are no angels in heaven too

Who, has the power of love.’

With a deep sigh, I left the angel

And walked till the end of fields

Where was your place.


As I was walking, as I thought

For what I shall bring the precious

For you.



But then I remembered what

Just the angel has said to me

And I thought, my love for you

Can’t be express with the mortal thing.



It’s forever, immortal through out inside me,

I’m your guard, you’re my hope

You’re my inspiration, you’re the only,

Which I can and have, for I love you

Till I die.



But after death, I will love you in heaven too

And before if this world ends,

All other faces their end,

My love, for you, will still be there,

Shining like a star, red and bright, full of love

For you.



And before the noon

I reached  your place

You were there, waiting for me at the door.

I saw you, you saw me.



I hold your hand, You smiled and blushed.

I saw your blue eyes, very dear to me

Which were more bright then above blue sky

More adorable than any other

More precious than the diamonds.



I kiss your hand, the golden kiss

For you’ll always have the strength, beside me.

I kissed your cheek, the rose kiss

For you’ll be rosy forever.



I kiss your forehead, the angel kiss

For we can keep our love immortal

And my hope you’ll always love me.



And last was kiss, on your sweet lips

For it was mine, a tribute to you for

You love me and for I love you

More than any other,

And for I’ll love you, for ever

No matter what happens,

The kiss of Love.