Creator of the Boy Wizard, Harry Potter, J.K.Rowling has written a crime novel now, The Cuckoo’s Calling, released earlier this year under the pseudonym: Robert Galbraith.

Over the years, Rowling often spoke of writing a crime novel. In 2007, during the Edinburgh Book Festival, author Ian Rankin claimed that his wife spotted Rowling “scribbling away” at a detective novel in a cafe. Rankin later retracted the story, claiming it was a joke. The rumour persisted with The Guardian speculating in 2012 that Rowling’s next book would be a crime novel.

The story was broken by Richard Brooks, the arts editor of the UK’s Sunday Times.

Kate Mills, fiction editor at Orion Publishing, came forward to admit that she had unwittingly turned down the new Rowling work, and suggested that colleagues at other publishers had done the same.

She told The Independent that the book was well written but new crime novels are hard to launch these days.

The Cuckoo’s Falling follows a private investigator Cormoran Strike who investigates when a model falls to her death from a Mayfair balcony. the book received praise from crime writers including Ms McDermid, Mark Billingham and Alex Gray.

Harry Potter fan site The Leaky Cauldron claimed the book had sold just 1500 hardback copies before the author’s identity was revealed. The site also claimed that a second Galbraith book is to be published next year. Since the author’s identity revealed the book’s Amazon sales have gone up more than 150,000%.

And I am one those buyers as I look forward to the book. As an avid reader of crime fiction and to be more curious, I wonder how  Rowling…oops, Gailbraith, has cope with the world of crime fiction.

The Cuckoo’s Calling


Any thoughts?

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