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by George R. R. Martin

As I read George R. R. Martin more I fall in love with his essence of writing more.  I finished A Clash of Kings in four day reading. A Song of Ice and Fire which is an ongoing series. I believe, this series is one of the deepest realms since Tolkien, with a mythology, culture, and history. When you’re reading Martin’s books, you feel you want to quit your job and everything in life, just to be at one place and read all day.

I certainly enjoyed the first book, A Game of Thrones more than the second one. The pace of the book is as usual but the plotting suffers. This book really feels like the second of a series of books, which means it’s mostly setting up events that will come around in the next installments. Also it lacked a bit of action that was expected after reading the first book or as the title suggests. I have a mixed – bag feeling towards this one. I also felt, once the plot will take you to the point of full excitement and something big to happen, but when you turn the next page it was just a pit of disappointment. I won’t be highlighting the events as they  would be spoiled.

Daenerys Targaryen, which I liked one of the most in the first book, was quite a drag-on in this one. But even though the drag-on is written a spirit of future excitement.

The shifting of the focus back and forth between the characters and the group of characters is again at its best. No one can write better I feel. The length of this book is more than the first, but because of its pace, it can be overlooked.

I’ll still recommend this book. The setting up of events creates more excitement for the next book. The quality of writing has been maintained by Martin and I think that is enough to read this one.



  1. A lot of people recommended this series to me, but somehow I don’t feel like reading it. Maybe it is because it is being hyped so much. And I have heard from another friend that this series should be a little bit boring while reading it. I was also not so much of a big fan of the LotR series, so it could be possible that I won’t like this. But maybe I will try to read it once.


    1. I also thought that this series is over hyped, but then it is because of it has a tele series.
      LotR is different from this series. The series is quite long, so it eventually gets bored in between but not more two or three times. I would recommend this book but only if you’re interested in. But Believe me, being an avid reader, George Martin’s style of writing is elegant. It is worth reading! 🙂


  2. I loved this series, and have been wanting to reread it before GOT returns for its fourth season. However, I start thinking about how long it is, and never get around to it. LOL! Out of all the books I’ve read, I always recommend this series. GRRM is such a great storyteller, that it’s hard not to get sucked in.


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