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Right ho, then.

To start a story is the most dashingly difficult task for any writer. To establish an atmosphere, as they say, is a vexation in itself. You have to make it perfect, otherwise if you went too long or too short for a start your audience will be smoking joints of boredom instead of cigarettes. You know your boat has sunk before it left the shore. Sometimes there are more cigarette butts in my dustbin then words on the paper resting itself with a blank face. The obligation of a writer is to satisfy his audience and have the stamina to complete his work with wittiness. Wittiness I said, otherwise it would be another one of those in which you are doing a book signing and no body turns up. So you end up giving free copies to your friends, the café owner at which you prefer to drink your latte (in my case it would be a bartender). Also a complimentary copy to the owner of the bookshop. Then your book will be on a seventy percent discount on some kart or mart website and still no buyer. Don’t fool your hands and write what you want to write but always keep the word ‘wit’ on your tips.


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By Jackie French

Hitler’s Daughter is an impressive book. The title of the book is in itself is a wonder and a seed of curiosity. Short length, one day read I would call (though due to lack of time, I made it in three days). I got this book randomly when I was hovering around the internet for I had this unsatisfied urge to go for book-shopping for months. Due to it’s length I picked the book though after reading it I realized it could have been a little more longer for the words just flow through your mind as the book is simply written. The book certainly aims at younger readers and it was interesting to see Hitler from a different perspective and it presented some insightful points to the reader.

One important fact is that in this book Holocaust is not treated as fiction but as fact. The book is strangely yet appropriately aware of its merging of fact and fiction. The protagonist Mark even wonders thus as he thinks about his friend Anna’s story about Hitler’s supposed daughter.

The book is totally worth for school reading. It’s emotionally charged so you could have some great conversations about it in the classroom. Students can learn a great deal by conversing and discussing on various topics related to history and the consequences of the power. It also give a though on ‘bad parents can have good children’, which is necessary in today’s world that a child must have an understanding up to the point where he would analyse a situation no matter how emotional the situation can be, I feel. Emotional in the sense of related to his parents.

The ending was the most amazing part. It’s quite philosophical. It makes you think whether the book is purely fiction or is there some reality. At this point, you will be thinking in a satisfied manner because the ending makes this book interesting.

4 out of 5 for me, do tell me your views.