Still 39 minutes left as I am writing this post. I am much obliged to a lot of things this year that I am not going to waste the precious time listing them. But most precious things to me are books. And yes, each and every I try to read more and more, and I try to learn and explore new things through them. And till now I have been successful. It is fun that this year that I set a target of reading 100 books but could not achieve it, still I manage to read 78 of them. I am also hoping to overcome this number next year with reading more and more.

I also learnt a lot in the art of buying books. Yes, buying books is an art. And to perform that art, you have to buy books. I read more than 50 % of books I read in e-book format. But reading in paperback has its own pleasure. The aroma of those yellow pages when reaches those two nostrils is stronger and beautiful than a the fresh morning and hits harder than the smoke.

For next year, my intentions are to read more than 78 books, read at least 20 new authors I haven’t read once and yes write more and more. First thing when the next year starts, I am going to set a target on Goodreads.

Thank you all fellow bloggers and friends for appreciating me and motivating me to write more and more, for spending your time on reading my words, I wish you guys a Happy New 2014!



Last day of year 2013 and some more books!





The year 2013 is ending pretty fast for me. Only two days and 40 minutes left. Earlier this year, from day 1, I set a target for myself. Target to read 100 books in 365 days. But I guess, I could not complete it. It was a battle against time, and only a time lord could have won. I am no time lord. But I am happy also, as I could read 28 more books than the last year. So somehow, it is an achievement for me too. This year has been a wonderful reading year for me. I feel I have grown as reader, as my knowledge and my ability to understand and grab literature has grown. Reading is beneficial, always. And I got to realize the fact a lot more this year when I took my writing seriously, I was kind of fortunate to my reading habit. Oscar Wilde once said, “There are only good books and bad books”, and I’d like to add something to this wonderful and truthful saying, ‘It’s essential to read a book, and then only you can judge if it is good or bad. It is also essential to judge a book good or bad to develop a strong ability of understanding and expressing your judgment. With knowing the difference between good or bad only, you cannot decide (especially if you’re a writer) what is good or what is bad’. I do read some badly written books. Some of them do have good plot and structure, but then they lack something here and there. Few of them, I dislike, because the unorganized plot. But the good books, well they are good, plot development is one reason or characterization development is good, et cetera. Do become a better reader, a reader must have the experience of both good and bad and reading

Here is snapshot of number of books I read this year. Of course, this does not include the number of text books I read!



I might complete the current book I am reading, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, but I am not sure. It’s a classic, and alongside reading it, I want to enjoy each and every word written by Dickens. So the number can increase to 78, I am not sure.

Thus, I’ll end this post in Charles Dickens’ words to describe my reading year in one line,“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Any recommendation of books to read, would be appreciated.


The Namesake, was on top of my Christmas holidays book-shopping. I have been waiting for a long time to read it. I haven’t read much of the South Asian origin’s authors, but I certainly did enjoy Jhumpa Lahiri. Her command of the language is amazing. The fluency of her writing clearly shows how effortlessly she must have wrote the book. Her captivating manner of writing is what enthralls me.

In a nutshell, the story starts in the form of an immigrant experience. Ashoke and Ashima are first-generation immigrants to the US from India, and they do not have the easiest time adjusting to the peculiarities of their new home and its culture. Gogol, the protagonist, is their son who is tasked with living the double life, fitting in with the culture of his parents as well as the culture of his family’s new country. Simultaneously experiencing two cultures is not always easy, and this is the main theme of this book.

The Namesake is titled because Gogol is named after a Russian writer Nikolai Gogol. Gogol, though a famous namsake, lives his early life disliking it. I felt that this conflict was the main necessary of developing of relations between the characters and furthermore, Gogol and his negligence of his own home. The culture exploration is defined uniquely in the book and that was also a part which enthralled me.

Lahiri, a Pulitzer prize winner, for her short-story collection Interpreter of Maladies, has a magical talent for scribbling. Her near perfection writing is cherishing, and the book is a calm read.

4.5 out of 5 it gets from me. Highly recommended.




I have been trying to read this books from past five months(when I first heard about it) and this weekend, I finally took a step forward. When I am reading a good book, it doesn’t take much time for me to finish that book. The Fault in Our Stars, beautifully written, light-read and fast-paced book, by John Green. This is my first piece of John Green’s writing and I must say I am impressed by his style and lightness of the book. The book’s about Hazel Grace Lancaster, and how a book about a cancer sufferer which brings two sufferers close. The other sufferer being Augustus Waters.

But there is some fault in the characterization. John’s characters, Hazel Grace and Augustus, sound more like 25 or 30 year old adults then 17 year old teenagers.  The character of Augustus is more very mature according to his age. But then the wit John has used in his characters is wonderful to read. The sarcasm is outstanding. This made the dialog conversations between the main characters is realistic and fun to read. I could imagine the characters in front of me conversing to each other. It was that clear. Also, the book is for a quodophile(i.e. me). I also feel, John develop these mature characters as the book also targets young adults and which I feel is a very good thing. The young adults could add something new to their vocabularies and learn some small-small morals which this book provides and make a good impact on their attitude and personality through their whole life. This effort, of the author, I appreciate.

There was also one more fault with the book is that in the end it becomes too much emotional. And that aspect I certainly do not like. But hey, I am not the author, John Green is, and he has full rights to write whatever he wants. Also, he being a male writer, wrote the entire book in female teenager’s point of view. And I feel, he did a good job. Never once, I felt that something was too manly about his female characterization.

One thing is for sure, I ‘d like to read him again, and he is certainly one of the best new authors I read this year.

3.5 out of 5 from me.