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It’s been past two days since I have been at home. It’s like I may have over relaxed, may have over slept, or over eaten… ’cause I am not getting any words in my head. And also, I am not able to read not more than 100 pages a day of the book I am currently reading. I am depressed. Is this a writer’s block? Is it this how it is? It makes me feel sick. But then, why not reading is helping me. Is there also a reader’s block? If there is, then I am sure dead. I won’t be able to survive the dishonesty of daily life without reading. I will be doomed. Become a slave may be. How does it even happen? Does it happen when you stop reading for a month? Do you develop a dislike for the books, though at this point I hadn’t reached there and don’t want too, not in this life(It’s pity, I don’t get more than one. If I did, I would have tried reading all the books written in the world). I want to search my mind that why I am not able to focus on my reading, I guess, my mind is in the ice age mode. May be it’s just the weather. Winter, always a cruel mistress to me. Always.

Have you ever felt a reader’s block? Have you? If you have then what did you do to kick him in his balls? Surely I have tried the reading part but cannot concentrate. May be reading was my super power which now I have lost it. Bollocks. I wish I could believe in that kind of stuff. But it’s funny and horrible to say reader’s block, at the same time. I’ll go for another round. Happy Wordless Wednesday, after-all.



  1. I’ve had reader’s block. It’s a weird feeling, right? As if no book will ever capture you again. Only cure I can think of is finding a book so good, it pulls out of the slump. Or, maybe try something different–a comic, graphic novel, anthology of short stories, non-fiction, a magazine?


    1. I agree with you, it’s weird weird feeling. Being an avid reader and then suddenly everything stops! It’s like there is no motion going on. Everything is still.
      But I eager to try something for a change, I’ll take your advice and go for a short story or a graphic novel may be. 🙂


  2. I had reader’s block recently, the books piled up and I happily picked them up, read the blurb or first few words and put them down. Instead, I wrote, listened to music and concentrated on short meditations. The block is gone now and I’m devouring books, affectionately again. Patience. 🙂


    1. Patience is the one of the keys to success, I am trying different things like listening music. And I feel music really soothes one when he is either impatient or restless and full of anxiety. 🙂


  3. This reminds me of a thought from a book called Quiet Influence.
    “Creative decisions are more likely to bubble up from a brain that applies unconscious thought to a problem, rather than going at it in a full-frontal, analytical assault. So although we’re likely to think creative thoughts in the shower, it’s much harder if we’re under a virtual deluge of data.”


    1. Thanks for the link Andrew, I am certainly going to read that book. The problem is all about consciousness and unconsciousness of our mind, whether we focus on the things we want or not. But sometimes it becomes very hard hard to focus due to some reason or the other.


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