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With Top Ten Tuesday meme, I going to discuss Top Ten Authors I read in the year of 2013.

I’ll start with number 10MA JIAN, which I picked up randomly and was impressed by his style and the structure and organization of the context, though the length of the book, The Dark Road, was quite extensive. But in the end, I was glad I picked him up, and his style is unique and might seem satisfying to a reader if he reads Jian for the first time.

The number spot, I’ll give to GEORGE R. R. MARTIN, whose books I was trying to avoid from quite a long time but couldn’t resist anymore so I surrendered and I must say the series, A Song of Ice and Fire, is an impressive epic fantasy and I quite enjoyed them. The length of the books were quite a challenge and thus I had fun conquering it  and I ended up reading all five books which constitute the series till current date.

8th spot goes to PATRICK ROTHFUSS, recently read The Name of the Wind, which is more satisfying and his style and plot-writing is slightly better than George Martin, in some way, but hey, I am not saying Martin is bad or something. It was pretty hard for me to choose between the two and I decided Rothfuss should go above Martin as Martin disappoints me in the length of his books but hey, he is ‘good’. So is Rothfuss and both are great icons of the epic fantasies.

Number 7 is considered an iconic in the football (soccer) club I prefer to follow, many good players have worn that number during their time at the club, created history, and crafted memories which are unforgettable and became legendary. Such is PETER CUNNINGHAM, an award winning Irish novelist. His historical fiction, The Sea and Silence, introduced me to a new level of writing. The level is simple, unique and touches a reader’s head as well as his heart. It’s a powerful novel, I would say and I expect him that he continues to create such cherishing novels in future. That’s why I gave him number 7, he has the potential.

6th spot goes to, GEORGE ORWELL, for writing an exceptional novel based on truth which turned out to be very realistic in future. In our time, and the coming future, the idea his novel, 1984, implies is a fact, implemented today if not fully, well it will be someday. The way higher authorities want to control people, this novel describe it beautifully also with some thrill. Orwell, I salute you for writing such a novel.

Halfway through the list, and here comes the 5th author. IAN RANKIN, my all time favorite crime fiction writer in modern day writing. His style, character building and plot structure are all better than others of his own field. I won’t say their names, but when you read him and then you read them, I am sure you will be able to tell the difference. A Scottish, which, a few years back, I picked out randomly has turned to be one of my favorites. His words mysteriously provides me the motivation to explore more and more and to continue to read.

The number 4 is SCOTT F. FITZGERALD, one of the American classicist of the jazz age. He flatters me by the philosophy he is uses behind his words and the way he keeps his characters such the the reader will remain, no matter what, neutral. That feeling is something new and unique to experience which only Fitzgerald can give you.

Now comes the podium holders:

3rd is astonishing MARKUS ZUSAK, whose exceptional book, The Book Thief, made me crazy about him. The only thing I admire in his writing is the way he creates the plot. And after creating the plot he develops the character such that they will fit into the story like they are it’s own offspring’s. Hats off to the guy who stayed in New York Time Bestseller for 230 weeks. He’s one of those five out five ones.

2nd is FRANZ KAFKA, who he is just ‘Kafkaesque’. Powerful, knows how to drag the reader in a motion without letting the reader to realise, and leaves a reader, impressed. He is one of the best European Writers I have ever read. And believe me, he’s not over-rated.

And the 1st, I have to say, I admire her, her writing, her beautiful mind, she is SYLVIA PLATH. The first work I read of her was The Bell Jar, which was disappointing and I told myself, that’s not Sylvia Plath. Then I read many of her poems, and her Unabridged Journal which made me fell in love her. Through her poems I could  clearly see the way she used her imagination and how she settled down the words.I could read through her poems and imagine her writing which just feels like reading another book. I seriously felt in love with her writing, and had a fantasy of meeting upon and having a dinner.

So here completes my TOP TEN AUTHORS of 2013.  I am still exploring some new and reading those old classy writers. As this year is coming to a warm end, next year, I intend to read more and many new authors. So tell me, What are your favorite authors or any new author you read and he just blew your mind ?


12 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAY- TOP TEN AUTHORS OF 2013”

  1. Your blog is such a treasure trove! I’ve only read George R. R. Martin, Ian Rankin and George Orwell from here. I still have a long way to go though. Reading is an endless journey of discovery, self-awareness and realization 🙂


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