Still 39 minutes left as I am writing this post. I am much obliged to a lot of things this year that I am not going to waste the precious time listing them. But most precious things to me are books. And yes, each and every I try to read more and more, and I try to learn and explore new things through them. And till now I have been successful. It is fun that this year that I set a target of reading 100 books but could not achieve it, still I manage to read 78 of them. I am also hoping to overcome this number next year with reading more and more.

I also learnt a lot in the art of buying books. Yes, buying books is an art. And to perform that art, you have to buy books. I read more than 50 % of books I read in e-book format. But reading in paperback has its own pleasure. The aroma of those yellow pages when reaches those two nostrils is stronger and beautiful than a the fresh morning and hits harder than the smoke.

For next year, my intentions are to read more than 78 books, read at least 20 new authors I haven’t read once and yes write more and more. First thing when the next year starts, I am going to set a target on Goodreads.

Thank you all fellow bloggers and friends for appreciating me and motivating me to write more and more, for spending your time on reading my words, I wish you guys a Happy New 2014!


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