As being a READAHOLIC(and no, I don’t drink alcohol while reading),today, I am organizing a party with books for books. I’ve got 3 books to read this month. And I don’t think I’ll be reading more than two of them this month. I have read this month, till now, only two books in comparison to last month in which I read ten books. First, I want to thank NetGalley and Random House Publications for giving me the opportunity to read The Weight of Blood by LAURA McHUGH which has an expected publication date on March 11, 2014. I am certain that I will fulfill my job of complete reading it and giving a faithful and honest review back to the publishers. Second, is Paper Towns by JOHN GREEN a very amicable writer but his previous book which I read was an “okay, okay”. Third is the Julian Barnes’ Levels of Life, a recommendation  by a goodreads friend of mine. I am not hoping to disappoint her by not reading the book, but I cannot guarantee that I will finish the book this month.

So let’s see which are two are going to mingle with thoughts?



2 thoughts on “THE BOOK PARTY”

Any thoughts?

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