To complete my target of reading 100 books this year, so far I have read 18. The party I gave last month was not bad but also not a successful one. The whole month was spent in hangover, day after day. The weather was pleasant last month, as well as my mood. Both reading and writing. Though I never spent much time in writing, but in reading as I feel I should have. Best example, I could manage to read only one out of three books which I mentioned earlier. The serious culprit is my own laziness. I am trying to find some ways to omit it but it seems to have a very powerful base inside my body and has taken control on some part of my brain. Laziness has become my reality and the reality is my laziness. 

Still, very much I’d like to conclude–


Worst book I read last month: PAPER TOWNS by JON GREEN

This month, I am including two books only for the party, and I hope to read more than the number six. I might throw another one later this month, who knows?

Any thoughts on the below?



9 thoughts on “THE BOOK PARTY#2”

  1. I have Interpreter of Maladies on my TBR list for this year. Not sure when I’ll get to it, though. I’ve been so busy with books for review lately!

    Having loved The Name of the Wind, I eagerly bought Wise Man’s Fear and never got beyond the first section. I don’t know why this one didn’t grab me. It’s on my TBR shelf, still, and I plan to get back to it. I’m sure I’ll love it once I get into it and sometimes I have to be in the right mood for fantasy.


    1. Interpreter of Maladies is not her best work according to me, her other book, Unaccustomed Earth has better stories than this one.
      I agree, one needs to be in the right mood to read fantasy! 🙂


  2. i think i have set myself a light target of 48 books this year. Last year i read 36 so it’s up on that but i would never read a 100 so i think that’s a crazy challenge 🙂 But good luck with it all.
    Again i have piles of books i have bought to read and keep telling myself i won’t buy any more until i have read…however the library reopened and have restocked the shelves with lots of new books and old books in new covers so i am failing miserably in not buying more and in reading the ones i have already.


    1. It happens with me too, whenever I go somewhere, I cannot stop myself from buying books. It’s an urge and the urge is bittersweet.
      Last year I read 78, my target was again to read 100, but I am hoping this year to complete my target!


  3. Wow, commendable number….takes me three days or more to finish most medium length books…maybe because always on some device. I can see you really like Jhumpa Lahiri, and agree that Unaccustomed Earth is her better book.


    1. It takes me 2 to 4 days to read medium length book but if I have time I can read at a faster rate. Yes, I was longing to explore an Indian author and thus I have read her all books now.


  4. Loved Patrick Rothfuss’ first two books and am eagerly anticipating the third. I’ll be blogging about him in a few days, when the A to Z Challenge gets around to the letter “R”. Looking forward to seeing how you liked The Wise Man’s Fear. 🙂


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