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WRITER’s BLOCK #1: Self Love

A writer is a person who spends more time in reading other people’s words than writing himself. You and I are both writers in that context. But there are times when we feel tortured sitting by a desk with pen (in most cases, a laptop) in one hand scratching our head with the other and a blank page in front of us. Drops of sweat cool us down only for some milliseconds. But have you ever wondered why you cannot write? Of course, we all have. We all have been through that torment phase of inability to write. And we all call that phenomenon, a Writer’s Block.

Writer’s block is that phase in which we tend to think of ourselves in a number of ways, all bad. We are, as we think, lazy, undisciplined, a shirker, a failure, a cowardly fraud, a good-for-nothing, et cetera, et cetera. Technically, it is a chronic inability to put words on a paper.

Writer’s block is nothing but an inability to express your creativity. There is also common misconception that writer’s block is a passive condition. But it is not. It is an aggressive reaction. The block is a signal to readapt your way to approach your work.  Our unconscious self is an ultimate source of creativity. But the resistance act as a barrier which rises involuntarily, a block between the conscious self and the creativity.

The nature of creativity is a child’s act in which he indulges his energy wholeheartedly into the manner of creative efforts. Generally, people remember their childhoods as a time when they experienced no resistance in their act of play. The adult writer who want recapture the spirit of creativity has forgotten how to play. But it is not hard to learn again.

The barrier which we chattered before is not due to lack of willpower. It is due to a stronger emotion: hatred. Hatred to self. Loving oneself is the most difficult task in one’s life to master. To love oneself is essential part of creative process. Writing is a fluid, dynamic process and such is Self-Love. Both acts require positive moral energy. Self-hatred will drive you far away from your unconscious. Being harsh on yourself results in being harsh on your creative self, and it will eventually end up in nothing.  You must be gentle with your “creative child”.


12 thoughts on “WRITER’s BLOCK #1: Self Love”

    1. It’s a natural cause, but it also a cause of too much thinking! It happens with me a lot when I sit for writing and then I leave it there and come back to it again, it works a bit 🙂


  1. I started blogging to start me writing…some days the writing flows, some days it doesn’t…some of my best ideas I get when I m walking so I try to include walking an hour or more into my daily life…even if the creative juices don’t flow the exercise will do me good…


  2. awesome post. ‘writers’ block’ also exist if you read a lot or being pressured by someone else. result, you don’t know how to start your writing.


  3. Great..article since I consider this as a unexpected visit I would like to ask you some help sir…so please do message back…



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