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Mansfield Park turns 200 (as published in 1814) this year. It might not be as popular as Pride and Prejudice but it is worth reading. Whether you are a fan of Jane Austen (and no, you do not need a women’s body to like and read Jane Austen’s books) or not, you should read this one. It will be a good start to become one and explore Austen’s writing.

When I read it, few years back, I was astounded how different this book is from her other works, especially Pride and Prejudice, and Emma. Fanny Price, the main character, her timidity and morality, quite different from the heroines of the other two. They were smart and sensible, but Fanny Price is different. Also, the plot of this book is quite different from what Jane Austen regularly wrote.

The precise book and the character have both receive criticism at a higher rate but that makes me wonder why? In my belief, the character of Fanny Price and the book Mansfield Park, both are very close to reality in comparison to the other two books written by Jane Austen. Fanny’s character is based on realism and on first read she might look too naïve but she is a women of deep convictions.  Some people also say that the character of Fanny is nothing but a sympathetic figure but they also forget about her situation which is tough and how she is never allowed to forget about what an object of charity she is and make her feel from time to time that she is unequal with the people she has been living. The other characterizations, including of Henry Crawford, throughout the book is simple and enjoyable.

The book truly is written by a different Jane Austen as her other books which I find more of the same and the protagonists when compared will have a bit of similarities. I want to congratulate Jane Austen personally on writing Mansfield Park, if I could.


17 thoughts on “MANSFIELD PARK TURNS 200”

  1. Nicely said. And you are so right. Fanny is a thoughtful, intelligent person. It is also a restful and calm book to read. I’m having some trouble restarting Sense and Sensibility though. Some day. You read with so much attention. I don’t think I do. Thanks for this.


    1. You’re welcome 🙂
      I agree with you, the book is too restful and peaceful. Time back, I too tried reading Sense and Sensibility but could not read much! Hopefully I’ll read it someday.


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