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I have never been on good terms when reading Agatha Christie. She made me bore and I confess guiltily (it’s not my habit generally) I have left her two books previously in between while reading. But few years back, a wise man recommended her to me, told me to read her books, stick to them. And this time I did.

And There Were None by Agatha Christie, another recommendation by a special friend whom I’ll thank personally, wanted me to read this one. I read And There Were None in few hours (only two breaks in between) and it was hard to put down. A complete thrilling and terrifying experience which made me go mad and fall in love with it. After a long time I did feel such thrill and adrenaline rush through my body.  Had read so much crime fiction in the past, I could not conclude the final outcome which was absolutely brilliant.

It is the story of ten individuals who are invited to an isolated house on Soldier Island, Devon, England. During their first dinner together, a recorded message accuses each of them of a terrible crime. One by one, they begin to die. One of guests must be the killer, but who is it? The plot of And Then There Were None is so simple yet it is extremely difficult to execute.

The characters are so adequate and well-crafted and the pace is extremely good, not too fast nor too slow. I quite liked the way author portrays the effect the murders have on the characters, specifically once they realize that no help is coming. Although not everybody’s reaction is described in great detail, a general feeling of fear is successful. There isn’t much in the book but I am sure the plot will give you a chill afterwards when you have read it. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time that I was reading it. A total crazy classical murder mystery.

This book was a great way for me to spend my weekend while in bed due cold. Agatha Christie does it brilliantly and the book deserves lot of praise. Totally recommended to anyone who wants to read.

I’ll be reading more of her novels because of this!

4.5 Out of 5 from me.

This post has featured on Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival in April 2014.




  1. After I read this Review, I immediately went to the section in my personal library where I’ve kept Agatha Christie quietly tucked away, gathering dust, for years. Like you, I never quite acquired a taste for her, though I had read one or two, never finishing either. But today, because of this Review, I am going to begin reaquainting myself with Agatha again. Setting aside the book I’m reading now – I’m going on a new adventure. Thank you.


  2. I love Agatha Christie! A personal favourite of mine is Death on the Nile. And Then There Were none looks really interesting…I’ll have to find a copy. Glad you found one of her books to enjoy!


  3. You might enjoy Mary Higgins Clark if you haven’t ready anything by her. She jumps around from character to character and keeps you guessing (which I like), plus her books always are quick, easy reads.


      1. Yes, the multiple POVs added something very special! And I enjoyed Orient Express, but the characters in Appointment With Death are unbeatable. Also, I’d really suggest reading Patricia Highsmith (if you haven’t already). I just finished The Talented Mr. Ripley and was absolutely astonished!


      2. I agree with you, the characters in Orient Express are quite beatable. Done with its review, will be publishing it soon. Will look into Appointment with Death ASAP.
        Patricia Highsmith you say, no I haven’t read any of her work. I will do so.

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