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Sex by MadonnaAfter “viewing” it, not much words in it, I realized it’s a perfect coffee-table book. Lot’s of photographs though, and some of them are good while others reflect the superstar’s personal sexual fantasies. I was going through her bio the other day and then I learnt about this book. Seems like it was quite famous and still might be, 22 years though, since it came out and as the sub-header describes the book, “The Best BDSM & Fetish Photo-art of 20th Century”. The book is a collection of photographs rather than a poor form of literary as many people criticize on the basis of literariness. So if you do not want to read it, don’t. Because after reading, it might end up on your coffee table eve though you do not like it. It’s the essence of this book. Just a collection of erotic photographs. Few of the pictures are offensive and I have no explanation to why these photos are out in public? But I am not the author. It’s the superstar Madonna! But I do get the feeling that a human being is tend to explore more of his sexual fantasies or I should say, to understand himself and his sexual feelings in a better way some experimentation is necessary. Being creative in a good way is always necessary. This is being creative in some way. After all, who wants to be monotonous every minute, every day. I am not saying that everyone should come out with a photo-book of their sexual adventures, but experimentation in-person will good for their sexual conscience.

The book was released in the year I was born. Thus, reading after 22 years, still remains a special kind of book.

2.5 out of 5 from me.







Any thoughts?

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