BOOK OF THE WEEK: When Mr. Dog Bites

BOOK OF THE WEEK: When Mr. Dog Bites

When Mr. Dog Bites by Brian Conanghan.

I received this book as a gift for completing my #BrunchBookChallenge (you can check here about BrunchBookChallenge, reading ‘atleast’ 24 books this year) and I am pretty excited to read it.

It’s about a sixteen year old boy, Dylan Mint, and he’s suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. His life is a constant fight to keep bad stuff in- words that explode out of his mouth, the tics, the growling, howling dog that tries to escape whenever he gets stressed. A routine visit to hospital, changes Dylan’s life, forever. The book has sufficient humor and the writing is a bit-wee Scottish style.

I’ll be doing its review when I am done with it.


11 thoughts on “BOOK OF THE WEEK: When Mr. Dog Bites”

  1. “. . . about life, death, love, sex and swearing”

    Interesting–the post you liked on my blog was about the interview I heard on NPR this week, about a book that also sells itself as being heavy on vulgarity or profanity. The author of that book says that his editor or publisher said, Couldn’t we make the character have Tourette’s? (but the author insisted, No, this character is just a vulgar guy.) I wonder whether that’s a trend now, for novels to advertise themselves as using a lot of swear words.


    1. Yes, I clearly remember the post. And I do think it’s a part and art of selling books, I mean young people do get attracted and for many of the adults (not me, I am not that kind) it becomes a mood swinging book!!


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