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21 signs You’re Addicted to READING!

The first step is admitting you have a problem, and I admit — I have an addiction to reading. So using my own personal experiences, I’ve compiled 21 signs that your love of books may have gotten out of hand.

 And don’t forget to share ‘what you’re reading’ in the comments below!

You’ve spent hours in a bookstore.

You’re super-tired at work because you stayed up way too late reading just one more chapter, and then another.

You’re always making your partner or friends crazy by reading aloud lines from the book you’re reading.

You get more than a little defensive of your favorite authors.

You’ve been late to work/college classes to finish a book.

You know the book will be better than the movie before it’s out.

You’ve read more books than seen movies in the last month.

You’ve sunk into a state of depression after finishing a really good book (also called a ‘book hangover’).

There are literally piles of books in every room of your house.

You bring home way more library books than you can actually read before they’re due.

You always have at least two books (in my case, more) ready to read once you finish one.

You don’t want to reread books because they won’t count toward your Goodreads goal.

Almost every day you think at one point “I’d rather be reading.”

You email publishers asking for advance copies of books.

You ALWAYS have a book on you . . . just in case.

You’ve definitely fallen in love with characters in a book before.

When you complain about your arms being sore, people assume you’ve been working out. But you know the truth.

You read in the car even if you get carsick.

You spend more time on Goodreads than Facebook.

You will forget to eat, sleep, and breathe when you get to the climax of a book.

Your second-favorite activity after reading is organizing your bookshelves.



72 thoughts on “21 signs You’re Addicted to READING!”

  1. I have all of Bill Bryson’s books in both hardback and paperback editions. I also have 17 copies of Little Women. I collect 1st Edition Enid Blyton books. I have over 100. I like being addicted 😀


      1. Yes, it is, but the book is different than the shows (not surprising … lol). I’ve watched the British (three series) and U.S. (I’ve watched the first two seasons and have to wait until 2015 for the third now) versions of the show. Both shows are absolutely brilliant. I’m quite enjoying the book.


      2. They are amazing, and there’s a lot of diabolical humor. The first book is quite a good read so far. I had to order them from a couple of used bookstores in the UK because you can’t find them anywhere here (Canada) or the U.S. for a reasonable price. I was shocked how quickly I received them, as well as by the great prices. It is a trilogy (House of Cards, To Play the King and The Final Cut) by Michael Dobbs. I got two hardbacks and one paperback in pristine condition for $21 with the shipping. Not bad at all, eh? 🙂


  2. Yes I can identify with a lot of these – and would add that I usually have at least two books on the go at any one time – a fiction one, a factual one, and one I can dip into if I only have a short time. I’m not addicted, I just like the taste!!


  3. I’m currently reading ‘Weather of the Heart’ by Nora Lourie Percival and ‘Death Benefit’ by Robin Cook. I’m usually always reading two to three books at a time. 🙂


  4. Yes, yes, and yes! If only I had more time to get to all the books on my to-read list. I just started Jo Nesbo’s latest in his Harry Hole detective series. I always enjoy a good Nordic thriller.

    Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate it!


  5. I have nominated you for the Liebster award, hope you are interested. Please see the pst at I am a bit unsure how to make links and may have messed up things so trying to get in touch. Can you give me a hint how to do this properly? I mean make a link of my nominees. Sorry, if you are too busy, please ignore.


    1. To make a link work in a comment use http:// before the link. To make the link of your nominees, you have to write all the links into the post and then there is an option of making them a hyperlink. I’d advise you to search on google for “hyperlink in wordpress blog post” then it will be more clear 🙂


  6. Yeah, OK . I scored well on the test. I am a book addict too. Just started AZTEC by Gary Jennings. It’s elevendy million pages long. I gave up the booze and dope 12 years ago but remain addicted to books. A few cigarettes now and then too. Thanks visit my cartoon blog.


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