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It’s MONDAY again, what are you reading?

This Monday certainly came quite fast for me. The weekend got over faster than the light travels. Still I managed to read two books, Drive and Driven both by James Sallis last week. Today I got  Tess of D’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy from my college’s library. I have this nostalgic feeling of reading something which will fill the void inside for quite a long time now. Yesterday, I even spent an hour on my laptop browsing the collection of eBooks I have but I was unable to decided on a particular title. So I thought it’d be better to read something in paperback. Also, it feels boring to me on reading on a laptop and that’s the reason I used my phone as an eBook reader earlier to read but it got broke last week.  Thus I had to find some other way to get back to my reading, and paperback is the best.

I hope Mr. Hardy’s words do me the favor and I’ll indulge myself into it instantaneously.



39 thoughts on “It’s MONDAY again, what are you reading?”

  1. I started American Gods by Neil Gaiman a few days ago after someone recommended it to me. I had a busy weekend, but I now hope to finish it within the next two days…


      1. Until now it’s definitely worth reading. I haven’t read other books by Neil Gaiman, but I will check them out later on for sure.


  2. I love Thomas Hardy but that has to be one of the saddest books i have ever read.
    Reading – Doctoring the Mind by Richard P Bentall and Healing from Neglect by Janene Baadsgaard


  3. I’m reading “The lilac house” by Anita Nair. It’s a gift from my step father. The book’s cover is lilac. I wonder how he knew I love everything lilac!


      1. Terrific opening section about her childhood in comnunist Bulgaria with an insane grandmother. I’m not so crazy about eh second part which is about her life as a struggling feminist writer.


  4. Are you enjoying Tess of D’Ubervilles so far? I have a copy but have yet to read it. I’ve read collections of his poems and he seems quite a pessimist.


      1. Hm maybe not. Perhaps b/c I read quite a collection of his poems all together I felt that way since I was utterly depressed from them afterward….Oh I definitely want to read the book but I heard it’s a bit of a heavy read so I’m waiting till I have enough time to enjoy it.


      2. It happens that poetic words affect more than the written text.
        Yeah, it does look heavy, but since the length of the chapters are short, I am sure you’ll be able to finish it on time 🙂


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