FIVE HABITS of an Efficient Reader

People often say to me, “I don’t know how you make time to read.” I admit, it takes a lot of effort to read just one book. Especially, if you are working full time or you have a family, the case is worsen. Luckily I am not indulged in any of them for the time being but being a student I have my own things to keep myself busy. One thing I tell everyone who ask me the exact question aforementioned is, “If you love books, you find time for them.”

Still, people think that I have a TARDIS sort of machine and I can travel back in time and read through several books. Well, I wish I had a time traveling machine, but unfortunately, I am no Time Lord. Thus, I thought I’d share a few tips to be a efficient reader even if you have a devoting schedule.


This is the best and most effective habit of a reader. Reading in a cosy bed will give you a comfortable and soothing sleep even if you are not too tired or feeling anxious. I often read 30 to 60 minutes and if I am not tired at all, I might end up reading the whole book in a single night if it is good.


Staring your laptop screen for hours, or switching channels on a television for no reason, you need to take a break. It is the first step and most important step of becoming dull. I have done that myself a few times, and I can tell you I regret that. Instead of spending time on watching highlights of a five year old football match, or wandering like a forever alone on, you could just read a book. It’ll help you think better, and you’ll surely feel good.


I always try to read two books at a time. One as a paperback and one on my smartphone, an E-book . I’d advice you to have e -reader, there are many good ones in the market. But if you are like me, and you don’t want to carry two many things at a time, you can always read a book on your smartphone. There are many good e-reading applications for phones too such as Amazon Kindle, Bookmate (both for Windows Phone & Android). Reading more than one book at a time will keep you interested in one or the other books.


I know, consistent working is the key to success. But it’s also true, all work and no rest makes Jack a dull boy. You should take a break, at least once a month. Stay in your bed and spend some hours on reading while in bed. It feels like one of those heavenly things to do, when I am lazy and reading a book. Sometimes, I read for an hour and then go back to sleep and then read again. It is ridiculously beautiful.


Join a book club. Join Goodreads or Riffle or any other reading social network. Start following some book blogs. Ask people around you what they are reading or previously read. Either seeing a book on a website, or hearing about it from a friend will get you more interested in reading a book than picking one for self. Always have a TO-BE-READ (TBR) list. Without one, you cannot go on reading randomly forever. Having a TBR list will do wonders. It will motivate you to read more, and at a speed. Don’t take it as just another work to-do otherwise you’ll stress out.

If you make reading a habit, none of the above will seem hard. By maintaining these habits you will surely end up being an efficiently happy reader.


57 thoughts on “FIVE HABITS of an Efficient Reader”

  1. I love those ecards 😀 and agree to making reading a habit, though as one with both full time job and a family with two kids, reading in bed is not something I can do – when I go to bed, I fall asleep 😉 my best place to read is in the bus, going to work and back. A habit for sure which gives me an hour per day of uninterrupted reading! Sometimes I even miss a bus on purpose just to be able to read an extra five minutes 🙂


    1. Well at least you are dedicated to your reading. I know people who always give excuses for not reading and I want to ask them, to whom are you giving excuse, it’s your reading, you read for your benefit. My simple motto is, read whenever and wherever you want 🙂


  2. Last month was so busy that a lot of times I could only read just before bed. I felt like a champion whenever I got to bed early and got an extra half hour of reading in.


  3. Couldn’t agree more. I think everyone should read and whenever I meet someone who doesn’t, I always wonder what’s wrong with them. And your tip about putting books on your phone if you don’t want to invest in an eReader is the same thing I tell folks. Dude, it’s like we’re the same person. 🙂


    1. Haha 🙂 I’m glad we share the similar feelings towards reading in a phone. I don’t have an eReader myself. But I have been reading in my phone from past six or seven years, I can remember. Of course, during the course I have changed phones 😀 I have started believing in the fact, bigger the screen, better the reading experience! So glad to meet you 🙂


  4. I read…a lot – two to four books a week. But I don’t watch any television. I read on a Kindle and always have it with me – lunch breaks at work, breakfast, and, of course, in the evenings. I can’t imagine not reading.


    1. I have a bulimic schedule with my reading in these last days of college. But I am sure, once my college is over, I’ll have tight schedule and will not waste time 🙂 It feels good to read all day!


  5. These are great tips! I try to make time to read at least 50 pages a day, either during lunch, just after I wake up or before I go to sleep (or all three!). The only trouble I have is that if I read just before I go to sleep, I usually end up staying up until two or three in the morning to finish the book, haha. 🙂


    1. That’s a good habit that you maintain reading a certain amount of pages. I used to do it, but now I am struggling with it. Yes, it happens with me too, when I am in bed, reading some good book, I either finish it or get close to finishing 🙂


  6. The social media thing is so true! One of my good friends constantly says she never has time to read but every time I see her just sitting around, when she could be reading, she’s on Facebook, 9gag, or candy crush!
    Awesome post! Couldn’t be more true!!!


  7. Normally have 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction on the go at the same time. Love to read fiction before i go to sleep, anything else makes my brain think too much i don’t get much sleep. I have a basic ereader, which has it’s uses.


  8. This is so accurate and true! I am just ten years old and I therefore have all the time in the world. 😉 and all of that time is spent on reading books! Awesome post.


  9. I have been doing the E-Book, with simultaneous P-Book read since I bought my Kindle 4 years ago.

    I have a lot less time now than I used to bc – family, but one thing that always worked for me is, whenever I had a single spare moment – waiting for something to cook, doing the laundry, standing in line anywhere (and even in the WC), I have a book or E-Reader nearby. I’ve been doing this for decades.

    If a person wants to read, the time can be found.


  10. I have always been puzzled by those who say to me, ‘I don’t know how you find the time to read!’ I don’t know how I find the time to breathe either – and reading is just as important to me breathing. I am never without a book in hand.


  11. We are all so different. As an author I am reading practically all day long. My best reading time is early in the morning after I get up. Reading in bed is not my thing, though the quickest way to get me to sleep, three sentences is about all it takes. I hope you like my latest book Tango Dragon and the Asteroid out now.


  12. Great post – I love to read but one thing I am really bad at it is getting trapped on Instagram and Tumblr which really eats into my reading time and I end up irritating myself so defo gonna try cutting back on the social media !! If this is realistic or not, hmmmm …. ;D !!


  13. These are great ideas. Many of them are common sense. In fact, I made my son a life-long reader because I let him stay up an extra 30 minutes each night if he used the time for reading. 😉

    I’m going to start carrying my e-reader around with me. I haven’t read a book (other than for work) in quite a while. You have inspired me. 🙂


  14. I struggle to find time to read between homeschooling, working 40 hours a week and blogging but how I love a good book! As a girl/young adult I would read 3 or 4 books per week. I am now lucky to read that many per year……I love to re-visit novels I love however and am about to re-read “Love is a Wild Assault”. I appreciate it more each time. This will be the 5th. 🙂



    The perfect end to any day! I often find myself dreaming up the stories I am caught up in too! It’s so fun, I love this article too; you make excellent points. Especially the one about taking a break from social media.


    1. Glad to meet you. It surely keeps one closer to sanity. After writing this post, I have observed more closely my reading before bed habit. It certainly has its impact most of the times and I feel I sleep quite comfortably. How about you?

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