FRIDAY FIVE: Five things annoying to a READER

All we readers have been abused sometime or the other by someone or the other. We’re trying to have chit-chat about a book and suddenly their eyes glaze over and an annoying remark is tattle by them. I have faced so many of them, and some of those remarks are:

1. All that reading will destroy your eyes.

2. You read books outside of class?

3. You spend your money on buying books?

4. Why waste time reading books when you could be doing other things? Important things?

5. If you read books, you must be day dreaming all the time. You know, you should come and visit us in the ‘real world’ once!

I always try to remain calm in those situations instead of getting aggressive and kung-fu kicking their balls (even, if they don’t have). But sometimes, few of them are close on achieving the highest level in annoying others, like us,  and to stop them I have a very similar reaction:


29 thoughts on “FRIDAY FIVE: Five things annoying to a READER”

  1. First off– thanks for the “like” on my post. I loved yours! These comments are all too familiar, and I think you’re great for admitting those comments are annoying.


  2. I’ve gotten quite a few bad comments about reading.

    1. You read too much.

    2. Why do you read that s***?

    3. What do you get out of all that reading? It’s a waste of time.

    4. I don’t need to read. I know everything I need to know.

    5. Why don’t you read ( fill this space with name of author they prefer you to be reading.)

    Also general sneers and snide remarks about the content of the books I read as I’m obviously NOT reading material that has been properly approved by a total stranger.

    Insistence that whatever book they’re reccing to me is better that what’s in my hand.

    Or sneering because I haven’t read something they personally enjoy.

    And the top one:

    Concern Trolling. I’m concerned you’re not spending enough time in the “real world”.

    I’ve gotten into more than a couple of verbal altercations because I have no patience for people who like to mind what I read.


  3. When i was young my dad would say “stop reading and go outside” it would drive me crazy. But I do say to my boys, turn off the computer and go outside. To my defence if they were reading a book i wouldn’t stop them – ever!


  4. So true. Especially when someone says, why read the whole book when you can watch the movie. -.- Like seriously dude they screw the book in every possible way in a movie. Nope, they don’t get this. While they will wait for an year for the movie to come, i’d be done with the whole series and screw it for them. xD Perks of being a reader.


  5. well said. I get so annoyed when people tell me:
    you read too much or why do you even read at all? Or reading is boring…yeah right. And they also tell me: I just watch the movie to visualize it better. uggh.

    That last picture made me laugh though haha 🙂


  6. Hi! An irritation is that someone will confront me and say, “You said you like reading? How come you still haven’t read this book yet?” – don’t like to be challenged. It may make me appear to be ignorant but just want to read what I am interested in.


  7. I love the ecard! That is exactly the way I react(or rather want to act). And yeah what we are reading is a matter of choice. Its our say! I hate people who think they have read it all!


  8. The amount of times I’ve heard the ‘reading will damage your eyes comment’. It’s by far the most annoying thing ever, makes you want to punch them in the face.


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