It’s a brave challenge for any author. But as part of the Hogarth Shakespeare project, famed Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø has been given the epic task of retelling the classic tragedy of Macbeth in his own style.

His new book, The Son, is his first standalone story in a while – having made his name these past 17 years with tough and tortured detective Harry Hole. His break into novels at the ripe age of 37 moved him on from previous incarnations as a footballer, economist and frontman of Norway’s premier rock band Di Derre, propelling him to bestseller status the world over. 

The Hogarth Shakespeare project launches in 2016 as a way of marking the 400th anniversary of the Shakespeare’s death. Nesbø’s best-selling books include The SnowmanHeadhunters and The Leopard.

There are other announced authors which have been assigned the works. They are:

Margaret Atwood – The Tempest

Howard Jacobson – The Merchant of Venice

Anne Tyler – The Taming of the Shrew

Jeanette Winterson – The Winter’s Tale

Gillian Flynn – Hamlet

It’s an exciting thing to learn, till now we have mostly seen the modern-day adaptions in movies. For books, it’s new and quite challenging. Whether it will be good or bad, I can’t tell now for we, the readers, will have to wait for at least twenty four months to see something of the aforesaid. But I can bet that these authors are certainly going to do something unique, in their own style and I hope it turns out to be worth a read!


13 thoughts on “JO NESBO to rewrite MACBETH”

  1. I just did a post about The Jane Austen Project. I hadn’t heard about the Shakespeare one. Jo Nesbo is an interesting choice, definitely knows how to create tension.


      1. It’s a case of why break something that’s not broken or why change something that doesn’t need changes, plenty of books still to be written out there. Don’t do fan fiction although i have heard of it through my daughter who is a crazy writer 😉


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