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The Curious Case of Stephen King Money

A Canadian author, Emily Schultz’s debut novel published in 2006 is called Joyland, similarly Stephen King who is believed to be a literary, the author of fifty plus novels in the past thirty years, published a novel called Joyland last year, 2013. Though both the books do not share same genre, it’s still confusing for the King’s fan who have been accidentally purchasing Schultz’s debut and then frustrated and confused, been leaving negative reviews on her Joyland page on Amazon instead, they should be mad about the amazon’s algorithm. But it seems Schultz’s enjoying this and getting a last laugh by a blog called Stephen King Money where she lists the things she’s buying of the money she’s getting out of her Joyland.

Her new work The Blondes gets an American release in April 2015.


7 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Stephen King Money”

  1. Hee-lar-e-ous! We should all be so “lucky” – !!! Mr. King, if you’re out there, how about whispering the title of your next work?


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