James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi- Team up for Private India

Random House India and Cornerstone, a division of Random House UK, have announced the acquisition of a new collaboration between James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi – the latest book in the globally bestselling Private series, Private India, which is the eighth book in this series.

Random House UK acquired the rights to publish Private India across the Random House Group territories. Teaming the world’s biggest selling thriller writer with India’s bestselling author of The Krishna Key, Private India (it is the working title) will be released in 2014.

According to the release, it will combine the trademark suspense and fast-moving plots of Patterson’s writing with the exhaustive research and gripping plots of Sanghi’s thrillers.

Though I have read a book in Private Series, and it’s fast paced, but I didn’t like it much. Surely, I am ready to give it one more try by reading this one. Fingers are crossed, hopefully this time Patterson comes out with something interesting.


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