FRIDAY FIVE: Five New Books to read this August

There are so many books releasing this month. Some of them are looking interesting and torturing my curiosity. Some have attractive titles while some have eye-catching covers. But here I am putting down a list of five books that I think are worth reading for you and me both. For the sake diversity (#WeNeedDiverseBooks), I try to pick one from different genres.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

Why?: This one is  straight forward and considered light in comparison to his recent works. Though it’s still 400 pages.

2 A.M. at the cat’s pajamas by Marie Helene Bertino

 Why?: Exciting and refreshing read. Theme is supposed to be light-hearted. An urban fairy tale with an appreciable writing style.

Susan Sontag: A Biography by Daniel Schreiber

Why?: You cannot admire Sontag without reading her works and reading about her. This is the first biography of Sontag to be published since her death, in 2004.

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Why?: Burton’s suspenseful historical novel tells of a young woman’s struggle against stifling domestic life in seventeenth-century Amsterdam. It will be a good experience to explore the aspects of 17th century’s domestic life.

Portobello Road by Julian Mash

Why?: The book lingers — perhaps a little too much, depending on your tastes — on the music heritage of the area, reflecting the author’s own background gigging and running a record label.

If you read any of them or all of them, I’ll like to know your view on them.


14 thoughts on “FRIDAY FIVE: Five New Books to read this August”

  1. Completed The Miniaturist last evening. Could not get hold of “the book” in stores here (Qatar), so had to settle for a kindle version…. Nella (protagonist) Oortman is supposed to be a 17th century character, but her existence is very plausible in this era as well.

    Engaging enough to finish in one go, but not as outstanding as the hype that surrounds it (especially in the UK where the press have gone gaga over Jessie Burton and have given her ample pre- release publicity)….For her debut work, it is very quite something though…. definitely hoping for more from her…

    She is apparently already working on her second novel (“Belonging”) which is set during the Spanish Civil War…


  2. Would like to read the Miniaturists and if that’s Portobello road in London, i use to live 5 minutes from there and shopped there often about 30 years ago so might be worth reading too,


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