Last book in Clifton Chronicles: Cover Revealed

It all started with Only Time Will Tell whose copies were sold out the day it was launched by Jeffrey Archer in India. And now the saga of Harry Clifton also known as Clifton Chronicles, stands by four books already, with Be Careful What You Wish For the latest release in March 2014, the British author continues to grab reader’s attention and proving that he is one of those master story-tellers.

Recently, the last book in the Clifton Chronicles is revealed and will be released next year in 2015,most probably in February.

I certainly expect a lot more from the author in the last book. The chronicles started at a great node with the first book, but somewhere in between second and third, it became just an average story. But the fourth book had surprising scenario. Can’t wait to for the fifth one to come, as I am looking forward to it the day I finished reading the fourth book. It can either be surprising or it can be dull. But I want to keep faith in Jeffrey Archer’s writing, and I hope with last one, he must do justice to his readers.

You can have a glance at reviews of the previous books to get yourself interested:

Be Careful What You Wish For (#4)

Best Kept Secret (#3)

The Sins of the Father (#2)

If you haven’t started this saga, do it now, or at least before the last one comes out. If you are in between, complete it, and be excited about the last one, like me!


4 thoughts on “Last book in Clifton Chronicles: Cover Revealed”

  1. Before Jeffrey Archer had an hiccup in his life and made a mistake he had to pay for, i read all of his books and loved them, but i haven’t read anything since so maybe it is time to start – when i find some space 🙂


      1. Well you begin at the beginning – Not a Penny More, Not a Penny less 1876 but i do remember reading Kane and Able that was published in 1979 and The Prodigal daughter 1982 – nostalgia now don’t get me started 🙂


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