Librivox: A Reader’s ‘Audio-Heaven’ #2

This post is based on the Librivox: A Reader’s ‘Audio-Heaven’ #1 where I talked about what and why Librivox. Click on the link see for yourself. 


In this post, I’ll make sure that you get familiar with Librivox. Here are some tips for getting started on Librivox.

All the readers on LibriVox are volunteers, finding a good audiobook can sometimes be hit-or-miss. Here are some tips I’ve found useful when searching for audiobooks on LibriVox:


If you know someone who listens to audiobooks on LibriVox, ask them what books they’ve enjoyed. Or, browse the internet for recommended books and narrators. This LibriVox discussion thread on Goodreads is an awesome place to get some good and worthy recommendations.


Popular novels usually have multiple recordings. By default you’ll be downloading the newest one. Another advantage of latest recording is that you will get more correct context.


For plays, collaborative projects are  better. Hearing each character’s words in a different voice rises a sensational feeling in the reader’s mind. I often read and hear plays at the same time. I download the audiobook of a specific play/drama and run it either on my phone or on my laptop and at the same time I read the book in the written form too. It feels like you are in a theater of your own. And since you have have downloaded the file you can pause and play whenever you want.

Do you love audiobooks? Share some narrators or audiobooks you’d recommend or some of your own tips in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “Librivox: A Reader’s ‘Audio-Heaven’ #2”

  1. Thank you for this introduction to Librivox I am a fan of audiobooks. I usually download via the local library website or borrow from the library itself but I will certainly give this a try. Cheers Moke x


  2. I love Librivox! Sometimes you will get the odd chapter with a reader with a strong foreign accent, or with poor audio, but people are fixing those all the time. I have discovered and rediscovered so many classics through Librivox: Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas, Charles Dickens. Great stuff! I have even volunteered to read a chapter of a book and highly recommend that, too!


      1. It was really fun and I want to do more. The book I volunteered for is kind of an odd one, since I think they are running out of big-name classics that haven’t been recorded, and are trying to get everything in the public domain recorded and online, which is a GREAT goal. Anyway, It’s called Windsor Castle, Book 2. The recording was fun–trying to make your voice interesting and to bring the text to life without overdoing it.


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