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BOOK REVIEW: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

‘Brilliantly Funny’

Nick Hornby, no doubt know how to make words look funnier and he does that brilliantly. When I read Hornby’s Fever Pitch, I was impressed by his writing which is simple yet satirical but not as much as by the book itself. After then, whenever I was in mood of some light and humorous read, I overlooked Hornby till recently when I had second thoughts and decided to give him one more chance.

To stop myself from anymore procrastinating, I give his first novel, HIGH FIDELITY, a bold shot. I must confess, I am glad that he displays fidelity in such a manner that I will never say no or overlook anything written by him that exists out there. I want to read them all. I am not only impressed by his humorous writing but the well crafted yet simple plot he used and a perfect piece for a light mood reading. By light mood reading I mean the book gets over in not more than a day and yes it did.

Hornby’s narrator, Rob Fleming, is an early thirty something English guy who runs a London record store. He sells albums recorded the old-fashioned way—on vinyl—and is having a tough time making other transitions as well, specifically adulthood. But he’s much less good on relationships. In fact, he’s not at all sure that he wants to commit himself to anyone. So it’s hardly surprising that his girlfriend decides that enough is enough. So Rob does what a man’s gotta do and rearranges his record collection. And when this does not hit the spot, he takes to reordering his relationships with women, as if this kind of obsessive categorising is the only way of accessing his emotions. Are all relationships, all rejections, merely repetitions of earlier ones? He goes right back to his first heartbreak. The book is in one sense a love story, both sweet and interesting; most entertaining, though, are the hilarious arguments over arcane matters of pop music.

With some good music, and Hornby’s terrific writing make High Fidelity a totally charming as well as being laugh-out-loud funny book.

I would totally recommend it.

4 out of 5


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