260 Days, 100 Books!

The year 2014 is going well for me, at least in terms of reading. Last year, when I failed on completing my challenge of reading 100 books, reading 100 books in 365 days became a major priority for me this year. Along with reading 100 books, I decided many minor targets to diversify my reading habit  such as reading at least 10 new authors belonging to the contemporary world, or reading at least 10 books written by Indian authors and a few more.

I feel I am growing not only as reader but as sane human with grabbing more knowledge and developing  a clear ability to understand and grab literature more. Reading is beneficial, always. Some of the minor challenges are still going on, but many of them are completed along with the major challenge. I am glad to say that I have read 100 books in 260 days. Somehow, it is an achievement for me.


I track my books on Goodreads.com. They have special widget, every year, called the Reading Challenge, in which a reader can challenge himself by setting a numerical value on his own estimations and pledge to read books to complete it. Goodreads.com, never forces anyone to read a number of books, or what kind of books and it’s all about your self-discipline and will-power, your own curiosity and interests.

The reading challenge widget also has tracker that tracks the books which you have read in that particular year.




Challenging yourself is just way of keeping yourself indulged in the reading activity. It’s a way to motivate, and tempt you to read more books, and diversify your reading taste. It’s not about you winning the Best Reader of the Year Award, and there is no such rubbish, I believe.

So, what are your reading challenges this year? How do you keep a track record of the books you read?


45 thoughts on “260 Days, 100 Books!”

  1. I love reading, but over the past few years or so found myself reading less and less with other things just getting in the way. This year I have started reading more again. I’m keeping a list – noting down books once I have finished them. Since March (ish – I didn’t note down the starting date) I’ve read 30 books. (Actually, 37 because on my list I count Lord of the Rings, Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy series, and 1Q84 books 1&2 as one book each.) Of those, 24 are books I’ve never read before.

    I was wanting to do a clear out – and I’m trying to read all the books I own, and then decide once I’ve finished each one whether I’ll keep it or give it away. That’s not working very well though, because I keep buying more books; and every time I go into the library van to return a book I feel bad if I don’t borrow a new one! So my existing books are getting neglected.

    I think I’ll start writing very short book reviews though, because I find it frightening how I read a book and then a year later I’ve completely forgotten everything about it.


    1. For a reader buying more books and neglecting the ones we already have.. Its like in our genes.. We cant help it 😀
      I have so many books on my shelf left to be read and number of books increases some ‘n’ times when I glance at my eReader!!
      Good to know that you have started reading more. 🙂
      Looking forward to reading your reviews!


  2. Congratulations! I use Goodreads to keep track of all the books I read too. I like looking back to see how much and what I read each year.

    I like your idea of challenging yourself with reading. I think next year I’ll add more books to my reading challenge.


      1. Yeah True! when I was travelling to and fro for work, I was reading upto 3 a month, but that number has gone down to 1-2 now :(.
        I was thinking of setting up a time for it, no matter what !


  3. This is such a great idea. You’ve inspired me to set myself a similar target once I finish my studies. Or maybe a smaller target for the 3 month break period I’m on. The website looks really helpful too.


  4. Well done! I’m an avid reader myself, and I challenge myself to do 100 books every year, but I’ve yet to actually make it. There are plenty of excuses (I’m also working on writing and publishing, I have a fondness for RIDICULOUSLY LONG BOOKS), but you’ve shown it’s not impossible. The closest I’ve gotten is 73, and I don’t even think I’ve hit 20 yet this year. Oh, well. There’s always next year!


  5. Wonderful achievement. For fiction, I have been meaning to make a century for the last 3 years since I started keeping count of my read titles. I have been limited to 50-60 books a year, which seems limiting to me as I consider myself a heavy reader. But maybe I’m not. This year, however, as we approach the end of September, my count is already 57, and perhaps I’ll be able to up to a maximum of 80 or thereabouts.


  6. Good job, I challenged myself to 75 books on Goodreads. They say that I’m one behind, so maybe I’ll have to let them know a couple of books that I read, but didn’t want to review. I don’t like to review those stinkers.


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