I Welcome Mac to the Family

Ever tried these?

This post is wholesomely dedicated to welcome my new MacBook Air to the family of gadgets, or better: the hierarchy of gadgets I own/had owned in past years. I confess I have a fascination for gadgets and love to be surrounded by them while eating, sleeping, walking, talking. Currently, we are all living in ‘the’ information age and I feel proud that I am a part and parcel of it. I even read most of my books on the smartphone I have. Look around yourself. A lot of things you use consist of computers: your television, your mobile phone, your eReader, and even that machine on which you reading these words. We are all surrounded by hundreds and thousands of computers and we access at least one each day of our lives. This also raises a question of our dependency on them, but, for now, let’s not get into that.

An HTC P3400i

My history with gadgets goes back to my teenage days, only a few years, when I first got my hands on a PDA. I had my hands on desktops when the word computer was just started getting to be a buzzword in my country. I know, PDAs are more of an ancestral property nowadays but back then, they were ‘the thing’. I still have HTC P3400i, though is in no league with smartphones we use nowadays, but it still fascinates me. It has a Windows Mobile 6 operating system with 64 megabytes RAM (Random Access Memory) and a 2.8 inch display with just 128 megabytes of internal memory. Compare it with any basic mobile phone of today and you will find even the cheapest and basic ones have more power than that. And yet in those days, it was the king of all hills.

Thus with time, technology advances at a faster rate and it is not easy to be satisfied with a gadget for more than a year. They will keep getting better but it’s your decision to choose and use them smartly. I believe, every gadget an individual owns must be fascinating to himself or herself. I am still fascinated by my old PDA device that supports only 64 megabytes of memory. That’s an important aspect of being comfortable of what you use, and this also helps in increasing the productivity.

Unpacking the MacBook Air

So yes, MacBook Air, seems a fascinating ‘ultraportable with enough power’ machine to me. I remember Steve Jobs holding and balancing on just five fingers the day first it got released back in 2008. I am already trying to get my way around with it and yes, I admit using and surrounded by windows PCs for almost a decade, switching to MAC is a bit of nuisance but I’ll get used to it.


WHAT DO YOU Prefer: Mac or PC?


23 thoughts on “I Welcome Mac to the Family”

  1. I have a MacAir and love it! It was my first Mac laptop – but I have had iPads for quite some time. I love Yosemite and that syncing with my iPhone and iPad – being able to text from my laptop or take a phone call from it, is certainly a huge bonus.


  2. I love my windows computer. It’s a Gateway, which I guess went out of business or was bought or something, but I love my Gateway. It’s two years old and it’s getting on time to replace it, which makes me sad.


  3. I had a 512 Mac, that looked just like the first picture in your post, and have used Macs ever since.
    I also used a pda. A Palm. I used to read ebooks on it. It sounds like we have a lot in common. Hope the Air works out for you.

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  4. Mac – I was a huge PC/Windows user years ago and use to put together my own computers to my specs. I went into an Apple store one day to buy an iPod and walked out with that and my first MacBook Pro. That was 12 years ago and I have two of them now and wouldn’t go back. I run MS Office for Mac on mine (which has more features than the Win version) and also use the Apple’s standard office programs. I think you’ll find the Mac quite enjoyable. Good luck!


    1. Thanks Gregory. And yes, I am finding Mac to be an awesome machine to use. Though I never knew MS Office has more features on Mac. That’s some news. I’ll definitely try that but Apple’s standard office programs are sufficient, at least for me 🙂


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