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Why Should I Read?

Every time I pick a book to read, I know someone or the other thinks it’s just a waste of time thinking being a reader is just my way of being disconnected when a lot is happening in the world. These people disappoint me. I feel pity for them, for their no matter how witty they think they are, their wit fails to understand a simple fact that reading literature is as important as breathing for any living organism. Reading literature is not a waste of time but experiencing a variety of things in lesser time.

Each book gives an individual an access to variety of emotions, events and situations that even for a witty mind, it will take decades to experience all that when one can experience over a short period of time by reading books. It’s more like a reality simulator.

Books prepare us for life. Even though many people won’t admit, it is always the literature though in the form of stories or books they have read during in their school or stories in their religious books. It always the stories that stays in their mind through out the course of life, not algebraic formulas or geometrical progressions. Literature is diverse and has ability to take one to journeys to the centre of almost anything a human mind can imagine and gets fascinated.

Words in books, open our hearts and minds. They give access to maps that lead to our own selves and in those words we find our own neglected thoughts. 

The most important thing I like about books is that they help one to overcome his fear for failure. It’s that word we are afraid for most of our lives but books are the best help, even better than the prescribed medicines by a doctor for anxiety.

Moreover, the feeling one gets on reading a good book is immense and nothing can replace that. Books help us to live and die with a bit of more wisdom, above all.


38 thoughts on “Why Should I Read?”

  1. All human progress – each and every step forward – has started with one simple thing: an idea. Books are loaded with ideas, the magic from which all else comes, and they inspire thoughtful people to create even more. Those who discount ideas are those too lazy to think or dream, those who offer humanity nothing with which to move forward. Sloths and parasites.


      1. Saw that you liked my post Writing Tip on my blog, gsus luvs u. Thank you so much!!! I like your blog and I will definitely be looking at it again in the future.


  2. A thorough and interesting view on the importance of reading – and I couldn’t agree more with you. Speaking as a former teacher, we could do with people like you to express this point of view to the many disenchanted schoolchildren out there, to whom reading is plain tedious. And I’m not just referring to compulsory texts but self-picked fiction. Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed reading it.


      1. I get playful on the comments. I’d love it if you do, but please don’t feel ‘pressured’ because I left that comment. People won’t know it’s there if I don’t say something though.

        On a serious note, reading is the key to the door of knowledge—whoever the author might be 🙂 — Marcy


      2. I appreciate your giving me the opportunity to leave a remark and/or link. Especially since I’m new at trying to promote my book(s), or anything else on line. I’m trying to set myself up to make a living from home if I can. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂


  3. I love reading. I was a total bookworm as a kid. As an adult, I went through a season when I forgot how much I love reading. I’d read a book here and there, particularly if there was a ton of buzz about it. But I didn’t read regularly. Then I got my Kindle. Oh lord. I am reading all the time! I finish one book, and I’m immediately onto the next. Sometimes I read two books at once. There’s just so much to learn, and so many beautiful places books can take you. People who don’t read? I pity them too.


  4. Every single non-reader should start with Fahrenheit 451 and then we’ll all watch them cower in fear and hurry to the library for more books after they finish it. 😀


  5. Hey Aman! That’s a very apt post. I also come across people, some of them my own friends/family, who make fun of my reading all the time and also the increase in the number of my eyeglasses! But I cannot do without books. As as youngster I used to regularly read books. There was a time after I started working when I couldn’t find time for reading. But now that I am taking a break I am trying to make up for all the time lost. I am trying to grab whatever catches my attention and devour it!
    I particularly like your idea of “Words in books, open our hearts and minds” and “Books help us to live and die with a bit of more wisdom”. It could not have been put more correctly. Books have given me real life experiences which I may have never come across and also helped me learn how to handle certain life moments well before I go through them.
    This is a very nice post.

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  6. i think this question can be summed up in one word (though your writing gets it down pretty well as well) and that is: connection.
    Humans by nature crave connection, and books do that in a way that is more intimate and meaningful than casual acquaintances. You are lucky in life if you find a meaningful connection with someone, a connection that defines your life, that transcends. With books you can find this a thousand times over. Books simply change lives. Well, good books that is 🙂

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  7. I love to read but it isn’t always easy to articulate why. Books are windows to other worlds, a chance to step away from your own existence and be somewhere else for a while. I love your thoughts on the subject and from one bibliophile to another, I salute you!


    1. Thanks and I appreciate you took your time and read the article. I sometimes feel that books are an escape point to another world but most books are the reality of our world even if they are tagged under fiction.


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