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My Outgrowing Obsession for Doctor Who

I think I have watched enough of the Doctor Who. Starting with the ninth doctor played by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant (the Tenth) and a bit of Matt Smith (the eleventh). The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, is far by the most outstanding doctor I have seen and I admire. Smart, funny, witty and full of irony, he is actually the Doctor! Though Eccleston is good too but only one season wasn’t enough to grow my likening for him. I am not sure about Matt Smith though.

My obsession with Doctor Who grew when I laid my hands on quite satisfactory collection of Doctor Who Novels. So I tried a few. And here the reviews of the two recent ones:

Doctor Who: The Novel of The Film by Gary Russell

This is a novelization of a film the author, Gary Russell, didn’t even write and not a good film either. It wasn’t his story to begin with and quite honestly, were I given the task of making that script into a book, I don’t think I’d have bothered putting a great effort into it either and it’s pretty apparent that he didn’t. The entire story is written in a Terrance Dicks ‘just state what’s happening directly’ kind of way that is supposedly an homage but I suspect it is actually just apathy.

Late December, 1999: the brink of a new millennium. An anachronistic British Police Box materialises in San Francisco’s Chinatown amid a hail of bullets which find an unintentional target, a strange man who walks out of the Police Box. Despite the best efforts of Dr Grace Holloway, the unknown traveller dies and his body vanishes. And soon another stranger appears, claiming to be the same man inside a different body a mysterious wanderer in time and space known only as the Doctor.

But the Doctor (eighth one) is not the only time-traveller in San Francisco. His oldest adversary, the Master, is there as well, desperately trying to steal the Doctor’s newly regenerated body. And that’s the most and only interesting part of this book.

The overall plot of the book is quite an interesting one but not much efforts have been put by the author. The story is basic but author has put some useful information both about the Doctor and his surroundings regarding his regeneration, him being a Time Lord and introducing to some of his other enemies too. By other “enemies” I meant the Daleks!

2.5 out of 5!

A Big Hand For The Doctor by Eoin Colfer

A Big Hand For The Doctor is a part of the eleven stories that were printed in eleven months written by eleven different writers on the merry occasion of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. Eoin Colfer’s is the first story in the series. It’s based in London 1900 when the First Doctor is missing both his hand and his granddaughter, Susan. Faced with the search for Susan, a strange beam of soporific light, and a host of marauding Soul Pirates intent on harvesting human limbs, the Doctor is promised a dangerous journey into a land he may never forget.

The adventure isn’t too interesting or creatively developed. Even though, it’s forty pages long, it could have been at least a bit interesting.  There are some humorous moments but a reader would fail to connect with them like I did. The story also introduces new villains, The Soul Pirates.

1.5 out of 5!


9 thoughts on “My Outgrowing Obsession for Doctor Who”

  1. Are you going to read any more of the anniversary stories? Some of them aren’t that great, but I thought the Seventh and Eleventh Doctor stories were good. I would also recommend the Eleventh Doctor novel Touched By An Angel.


  2. I am obsessed with the show! And my favorite Doctor would be David Tennant! I tried reading one of the novels but it wasnt appealing at all. Maybe there are other DW books that are better. Dunno. XD


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