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Best MOBILE Reading APPS

Many of us readers use mobile devices to read as these devices are getting smarter everyday. I am a avid reader, and read half of my books on a 6 inch screen device. I remember, in my teenage days, often spending pocket money beforehand instead of buying books, and being read most of the books of the school library, in curiosity and being driven mad by the love of books, I discovered a new way (new for me it was, being sixteen and finding ways to stabilize my teenage moods) to satisfy those cravings of a readaholic on a mobile device. A  PDA- HTC P3400i recently gifted by my parents on my birthday, I spend my last teenage years staring down that 3 inch screen all day long and exploring new worlds with that small device. I had other uses of it too but they seem little on front of reading books.

Reading eBooks has become an essential part of their generous habit and those who prefer mobility with their ongoing passion. Technology tries to compete with the speed of light, and due that competitiveness the outcomes are sweet for us. With the advance in the technology the devices we use are becoming smarter and each device tries to provide a desirable experience to the user. Reading eBooks is not behind in that course, not only mobile devices are preferable but devices with a bigger screen yet handy such as tablets have become popular. Number of applications are enormous for these devices for reading books but a few are adequate for every reader.

Kindle, Available for iOS/Android/Windows Phone 7+

Only encrypted format works which can be purchased from Kindle store as well as non encrypted mobi sideloaded or downloaded and opened via the web or email. The non encrypted might not work on many devices as well as the OS.

iBOOKS, Available for iOS

Again,  only encrypted epubs and PDFS purchased from the iBookstore and non encrypted epubs and PDFs sideloaded or via email. It’s a wonderful software for Mac OS X users and it’s integration with Dictionary, I consider is one of the best feature.

BOOKS-A-MILLION, Available for iOS

Works with encrypted epub books using Adobe DRM encryption and you can sideload encrypted ePubs from library or purchased from others retailers as well as unencrypted ePubs.

ALDIKO, Available for Android

One of the first reading apps to come out for Android and it shows in its refinement. Aldiko 2 is out and adds support for DRM’d ePubs and PDF’s and also library books. You can add your own content.

COOL READER, Available for Android

Cool Reader is an ambitious e-reader with a text-to-speech feature that none of the other programs offers for free. You can add your own content.

Formats supported:  epub, fb2, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, doc, pdb.

TUCAN READER, Available for Windows Phone

The Second best e-reader for any windows phone/tablet device. I frequently use it, supports almost all major formats including epub, mobi, txt and comes with a text-to-speech feature which is good. You can add your own content.

BOOKVISER, Available for Windows Phone

The best reading device offering a smooth reading experience, supports epub, txt and fb2 but gives you freedom to highlight, makes notes and other features to do while reading. Recommended! if you are a voracious reader and use a windows phone device like me.

What are your favorite eReaders?


19 thoughts on “Best MOBILE Reading APPS”

  1. Great Post Aman!, Love it and will pass this information on to fellow readers. It also gave me some ideas that I have for a couple of new blog posts. I’m in a conference this week and it is hectic because I’m on-line with it a day and it is in being held in Australia so the time difference is throwing me for a loop begin 11 hours ahead in trying to be in the present as well! But I still have time to read the blogs I follow. Love it!


  2. I just thought of a couple of other book locations that I use as well. EReader News, Dark Reading. And I use calibra to transfer my books from one type of reader to another, My husband uses Nook and I use the Kindle so we pas them back and forth to each other.


  3. oh but this dinosaur cannot resist the smell of a paper back book shaped to the curve of your hand form sitting with for hours reading it because you cannot put it down and then reading it again because it was just that good, I am guilty of a few e books but I hold my head in shame when I forgot that I even owned them because I have this terrible habit of out of sight out of mind . lol. I love my library. It has a way of shaping my house and telling a story of adventures if your a fellow reader and if you happen to skim through my shelves.
    I am starting to come to terms with the idea I might have to eventually cross over but then again I still own a VCR! lol


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