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BOOK REVIEW: The Entire Predicament by Lucy Corin

It’s an impressive short-story collection written in a style that is unique and needs your full attention.

I encountered this book on random basis as I was bored of my scheduled reading. Now, I can say that I am quite happy with my choice of random picking. It’s always a risk (whether you would like the book or not) when you choose to read a book at random but that’s the most thrilling part I feel, of this habit. I try to pick random books from time to time to go on with my reading, and explore and experience new sensations inside my head.

The book, The Entire Predicament, starts at a higher note with the some refreshing, funny, and interesting point of views written in the first person. Lucy Corin experiments with topics and techniques by creating a fictional world where people behave normally in the most extreme situations, and in bizarrely with almost no provocation at all. But her first person voice is so natural that even the oddest behavior is utterly believable. Her observations, even of the basic happenings, have great intensity.

At the starting of the book, her writing style is what fascinated me the most, even more than the peculiar topics Corin elects to make a story interesting. However, as the book advances, her writing style becomes the enemy of its own state. It becomes monotonous, and a reader can clearly observe that not much effort is employed in experimenting the style further. But again, the stories are proficient in plot and point of views, and by the end of the book, you will have some favorites out of this enormous yet short collection.

3 out of 5!


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