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2014- The Year in Reading and of Reading Resolutions

The previous post I selected Ten Books I read last year and I would recommend to anyone. On recalling about the books I read did bring back a lot of memories, some related to the books, some not, the good ones, the hard-to-forget-yet-creepy ones as when I had a thought about writing this post. I haven’t revealed here or anywhere before that I did made some reading resolutions before the year started. At first, I was afraid of writing them somewhere and then disappointing myself at the end of the year by not completing them. Though, later on, I did made a list of some of the reading resolutions. Here is a glimpse:

  • Diversify my reading by focusing on other genres apart from Crime/Mystery Fiction. (which I did, by reading a mixture of non-fiction, tried paranormal, poetry, science-fiction books)
  • Read Ten Books Written by Indian Authors. (Jhumpa Lahiri, Arundhati Roy, Anand Neelakantan, and a few more)
  • Pick Two contemporary authors and read all of their works. (Jhumpa Lahiri)
  • Read at least twenty non-fiction books. (I ended up reading more than forty)
  • Read at least fifteen authors that you haven’t read before. (Charles Bukowski, Nora Carroll, Adele Waldman, Ava Dellaira, Ken Kesey, Mary Shelley, Andy Weir, Walter Isaacson, J. D. Salinger, Gustav Flaubert, Anna Quindlen, Henry Miller, Thomas Harris, Cornelia Funke, Sara Maitland, and many more)
  • Read Hundred Books (highly important, tracked on

These were the six challenges that I started 2014 reading year and I must say, not only I accomplished five out of the six mentioned above, and pushing myself to read hundred books more than anything else I wanted to do in the world this year, I learned great many things from them, and through them, met some wonderful people who share a similar passion for reading as I do. How? By blogging and enormously though inconsistently tweeting (yes, I am talking about the HTBrunch Book Challenge) and I should it was an altogether a great 365 days!

I can’t say and nor have I think about keeping any yearly reading resolution(s) yet but if I do, I’ll make sure to let you know. One thing is that I am sure of doing this year again is:

What are some appropriate Reading Resolutions you surrounded yourself last year? And/Or Any for this year? 


17 thoughts on “2014- The Year in Reading and of Reading Resolutions”

  1. Good job! Wow one hundred books thats incredible 🙂 I read about 60 books in 2014 but a lot of them were manga so they are much faster to read. I am aiming for 55 books (not including manga) in this coming year.


  2. It’s amazing. I’ve been out of school for more than a year now and I haven’t taken the initiative to REALLY read for leisure. You’ve inspired me. Thank you for stopping by. I will be checking your blog for updates, because I can already tell this is something I’m going to enjoy. 🙂


  3. Wow. “Pick Two contemporary authors and read all of their works. (Jhumpa Lahiri)” – that’s a lofty one. I like the idea of more developed reading goals. Last year I left it at, “Read 60 books.” So far this year I’ve set it at 80. I think I’m going to try this one too. How do you define “contemporary?” Still alive and kicking?


  4. What an impressive list of reading challenges, phew! Congrats!

    This year, I joined the 50 Book Pledge and the Green Gables Readalong, I am challenging myself to read 12 “classic novels” in 2015 because I tend to read mostly contemporary, literary fiction (a lot of CanLit with the occasional YA novel or thriller).

    I posted about my 2015 reading goals here: Check out my big plans!

    Happy reading in the new year!


  5. I heartily agree with the importance of reading a variety of works, including different genres and non-fiction. In my experience, you just never know where inspiration will come from.

    And that element of surprise is a big part of the fun!


  6. Good job. Especially good job on diversifying genres of books. 🙂
    I only know (read) two writers from India – Samit Basu and Vikas Swarup. Tho I also plan to read Kishwar Desai’s “Source of Love”. I think you didn’t review them.

    Greetings from Poland!


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