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Bossypants by Tina Fey

A hilarious book and from Tina Fey, worth reading? The answer is “yes”. Even if you do not care who she is, even if you care who she is and know it’s about her, its worth reading. She shares a lot of stuff  about Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock and about herself and with pure humour.

Bossypants is legitimately funny. Fey makes some good points about women in comedy, and about comedy in general, and about women in general too. It might even sound a bit extra-feminist to some but I think that’s not the case here. That’s just the part of her conscience which comes with her opted career. The genuine sounding narrative voice the Fey has put in makes it readable even though it’s an autobiography. I like that fact that, even the humour Fey has used is genuine and will make anyone laugh. The fast-pace works so well with the narration that it is really hard to put it down once a reader is fully immersed in it. I ended up reading it in few hours and it really cheered me up. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard reading anything.

The book starts with her. It is about her. She tells the story about how her parents handled situations which had importance in her childhood and adolescence, in instalments as it looks to me that the book is more of an anecdotes or excerpt selected from her journal or diary, by herself. Fey, then goes on describing her high-stress working environment at Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock and managing her family at the same time.

Without the amount of humour this book embraces, it would be just another ordinary autobiography, and then I would not recommend it.

Other thing I learned from this book is that she wrote 30 Rock. I admit watching it but never knew she wrote it herself. 

4 out of 5!


22 thoughts on “Bossypants by Tina Fey”

  1. Your review was interesting!
    I recently read the book too and I absolutely hated it, everything in the next 50 pages made me angry and I quickly stopped reading…


  2. I read this book a couple of days ago and really enjoyed it. I agree, the pace and narrative voice made it very easy to read and I too laughed a lot while reading. Next on my list is Amy Poehler’s book. Gotta love those smart funny women!!


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