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Guest Post- Living in the Language Silently by Hán Ruì yà

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Living in the Language Silently

by Hán Ruì yà

Perhaps WIT says, we all are living under the net of language, these words always make me feel uncomfortable. While sitting in a park, watching chirping birds, flowing streams, floral fragrances, colorful blossoms, blue sky or walking along the waves at a seashore, silence is everywhere in my surroundings.

Once I asked myself, “Are these sea-waves silent?” Perhaps. But they are making sounds; these waves are communicating with me; they are attracting me… silently.

I have been in search of silence since long. I want to be silent…; but how do I remain silent if I myself is full of words. Yes, my thoughts. After all silence itself is a seven letters word s-i-l-e-n-c-e. Oh! My God! How can I comprehend its meaning? I feel my mind is tossing like sea waves. Where is silence? How do I know its meaning? Where do I find silence? Who tells me? 

It was very late night, when I was sitting alone and searching on the internet about the truthfulness of silence, its originality; its reality; its meaning. Everything was silent but my mind was overflowing with different thoughts; silent words. Could we communicate without words? Is it possible? Are the words necessary to convey its meaning? How can I communicate in silence without words? I was almost deep in my thoughts in seeking silence and its reality; all of a sudden I heard a beep and received a friendship request. I did not know who he was. He wanted to talk; voice chat online. “Yes”, said I. But he could not speak English. “For God’s sake how can I talk to you?” I asked. He sent a message, “Yes.

We can.” I said, “Okay.” I made a call and he received.

“Hello!” He remained silent. I could only feel that he was smiling. I said okay. I asked, “How are you?” He remained silent. I heard a little sound of his smile. “You are fine”, said I. He was silent. I was asking questions and replying as well on his behalf. He was just listening to me. We were communicating in silence. It was very strange. I asked questions and I replied his answers. It continued for ten minutes. He remained silent, I continued speaking, and it was our dialogue. He grasped me and I grasped him in silence; I never experienced that, it was an anomalous feeling because it was a discourse in silence. He usurped me. He was still silent.

We both were far away thousands of kilometers from each other; there was a huge distance between us but I felt him here which was abstruse and mysterious. It was all in silence. He was still silent.

He lives in an Unknown Land and I live here in a Stomping Ground. Do I ever know its meaning?

In search of silence and its meaning I spent years, sometimes sitting in a park alone or walking along the waves at a sea-shore. Did he explain me the meaning of discourse in silence by remaining silent? I don’t know. I am disturbed and perplexed; I captured in the wet. Do I really understand its meaning now? Or else I am living in a paradox?

Isn’t it amazing what she can do with words? Give her a nudge at these links: 
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13 thoughts on “Guest Post- Living in the Language Silently by Hán Ruì yà”

  1. This is brilliant – silence is definitely something I strive for, silence of the mind, of the buzzing thoughts – also, being silent helps you listen more to others, which is definitely something with great dividends!


  2. I really like this (reading it again, therefore.) It’s beautifully written and I’m so glad you take the time to diligently seek the possibilities of silence. Communing with someone without words is so powerful, if you keep your attention strong.

    One day I was camping with some people and wandered into the woods to a gorgeous stump that had congealed sap glittering in the moonlight, surrounded by moss. I kept exclaiming to myself in words of praise for it, and tried to catch myself from automatically reacting in words. I wanted to experience my excitement without that filter.

    I managed it, and afterwards for a long time, whenever I praised something, I said, “That’s stump.” It was a way of reminding me how language can not only expand but limit meaning, can not only express but curtail the extent of our authentic responses. My students in the university never questioned it when, without any explanation, I said their essays were stump. Tee hee.

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