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Five Objects I have used as Bookmarks!

bookmarkA bookmark is an essential piece and has important significance in any reader’s life. But it isn’t always necessary that we use the ‘bookmark’ as a bookmark. If you read while traveling, or while laying on your bed surrounded by other books, or under any other emergency situation when you just could not find the ‘bookmark’. I end up in similar situations, without a bookmark, often. And then, I use some bookmarks that are quite helpful. Here is a list of five things that I have used as bookmarks:

1. My finger, especially the index one, while changing metro lines. (I have lost more than half a dozen bookmarks, last month, at metro stations due too overcrowding).

2. A piece of newspaper rolled up like a bookmark (but is not a bookmark).

3. Pencils and pens.

4. My mobile phone.

5. Another book.

What sort of things have you used as bookmarks?


69 thoughts on “Five Objects I have used as Bookmarks!”

  1. I’ve used about anything I can get my hands onto. Some of my saddest examples include a hair ball cut from the cat, a nail file, a fork, and the cap from a prescription bottle. On a good day I use some yarn that is long enough to tie in a loose loop so it won’t pull out of the book.


  2. I grew up in a household that promoted folding [clean] paper napkins and using them as bookmarks. Years later, after my parents’ deaths, I found yellowed napkins marking many of my ‘inherited’ books….


  3. Definitely the finger, pen and mobile phone at short notice. Also, the receipt from bookstore, sometimes it stays that way the whole time I’m reading the book. A photo. A business or reward card sitting in my wallet. Damn near anything really!


  4. I love collecting bookmarks. Have got so many different types, shapes , from different countries etc. One day I will do a post on them 🙂

    As for using something unusual, I have used:
    Chocolate wrappers!!
    Used Tickets to some shows 🙂


  5. Oh mine are so much more fun 😀 – loo roll, receipts, bus tickets, post it note, wool, but now i have no excuse as a friend bought me a fancy one which clips onto the back cover of any book and has a long ribbon attached, so cool!

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  6. I can totally relate to using a finger as a bookmark when changing metro lines or when waiting to get on or off a bus 😉 I’ve also used tickets quite often, tissues, pencils and pretty much any tiny and as flat as possible object I can find around me at that time 🙂


  7. Oh my! This is too close to home!!! I love books. They populate my house. I’m always reading more than one. But just looking around right now, I find these: small colored post-its (as many as needed in a book!), book jacket flaps, a small flexible plastic ruler, a large blue post-it, an old business card, a purchase receipt, tear-off telephone message pages, an actual bookmark (cardboard), an elastic bookmark (decorative with a little pretty rock on the end hanging out over the spine), …… Do you really want to know more? And yes, I have occasionally resorted to pens, pencils, table knives, rubber bands and whatever is handy. I should write about this sometime. It’s getting deeper than you-know-what.



  8. Over the years, I have accumulated a large stack of free bookmarks from libraries, bookstores, etc. but I still end up using other things as bookmarks: receipts, theater tickets, bus transfers, event postcards, playing cards, post-it notes, business cards, scratch paper from math problems, … the list goes on.

    Sometimes I start reading a book again years later and can figure out when I was last using it from what I used as a bookmark. 🙂


  9. I have used most of the things mentioned in the comments. Receipts are my bookmarks of choice, but the weirdest bookmarks have been my wallet and chapstick. A reader has to do what a reader has to do, right? 🙂


  10. I always seem to lose the bookmarks i pick out when buying my books. So its mostly my id card. Or tissues. Or random bits of paper like things i can grab at a moment’s notice!


  11. I use hair clips, gift labels (the ones with string on) and necklaces! I do have bookmarks but I think there is a bookmark monster in my house that hides them!


  12. I have tons of fancy bookmarks that I’ve bought from B&N and they’re almost too pretty to use. But the most ingenious one…and I’ll allow you to use it 😉 ….is the post it! Yes it sticks to the page and doesn’t fall out. If you’re interrupted mid-paragraph you can place it on the line you left off on and you can leave the edge sticking out to easily find your page. Brilliant, right? lol. And inexpensive…you can even write silly notes to yourself.


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