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Four Books To Read in March 2015

The earlier two months have went quite smoothly in terms of reading books. I  have been concentrating in reading a lot of fiction rather than non-fiction this year. Here are four titles releasing this month that I am waiting for:

Ishiguro, is back with his first novel in a decade after his last novel, Never Let Me GoThe Buried Giant.

In this, a lot of writers from Geoff Dyer to Anna Holmes, take a wide variety of approaches to explaining why they’ve decided not to have kids.

This book follows two families in Berlin in the years preceding WWI.

This one, sounds and looks hilarious to me.  It’s basically the story of the writer J.C. Hallman discovering and reading the author Nicholson Baker, who himself wrote an influential book about reading John Updike.


8 thoughts on “Four Books To Read in March 2015”

  1. All of the books sound really interesting, but the one I’m most excited about is Ishiguro’s ‘Buried Giant’ 🙂 I’ve already heard great things about it, so I can’t wait to read it myself.


  2. I will definitely be picking up Ishiguro’s new novel. I loved “Never Let Me Go.” The second book you’ve mentioned sounds very interesting. I might pick it up if I get the chance.


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