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22 Things I Learnt By The Time I Turned 22


When I turned 22 a few months back, nothing extra ordinary happened. I got up as usual, and spent my day while reading a book, as usual. But I did make a list of 22 things which I by putting enough effort or not, have learn by that day. 

1- Be honest to yourself.

2- First things are always messy but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good.

3- Read books, plenty of books.

4- Self-love and Selfish are two different words representing two different meanings.

5- Go to the movies you want to watch, even if you have to go alone.

6- Experiment with your hair as much as you can, because it’ll grow back eventually.

7- There are more than 7 billion people in this world, and if someone leaves you, it’s okay.

8- Pamper yourself with things you can afford.

9- Laughter makes us feel brave, so laugh.

10- Be lonely, shut the world for sometime and give yourself the attention you deserve. Loneliness is not a bad thing. It is normal and healthy. We learn who we are when we are alone.

11- World is round. Sometimes, what goes around comes around.

12- Curiosity is a gift to humanity.

13- Be angry if you want it to be, but don’t harm your surroundings. Use that anger as an energy in doing something you won’t regret later.

14- There is no limit when it comes on doing something. 

15- Don’t let anyone’s judgement about you, affect you. You are what you are.

16- There are things you’ll have to do on your own.

17- Don’t judge people too soon.

18- You get to learn from every other person. 

19- There is no such thing as destiny. We ourselves shape our lives.

20- Happiness is not something that will come to you. If you are not happy where you are, change it. Quit it, don’t do it, pick up something new, work it out, utilise your life. 

21- If you truly want to experience life to the fullest follow your passion.

22- Bonus: Always be yourself

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22 thoughts on “22 Things I Learnt By The Time I Turned 22”

  1. I wish I had learned those things by time I was 22. I will be 30 in August and still learning some of these things. lol Great list! It’s good that you have learned so much in such a short time.


  2. Summing up all the things u learned till the time is really good to read. 🙂
    Selected 22 things.
    I wanted to go to the movies alone, but this experience is still left.


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