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Things I Have Learned About Blogging

It is going to be three years and some months this month in the business of blogging. I am glad I am still going on. Earlier when I started blogging I did not think much about how am I going to take it forward or will I ever run out of ideas and blog posts some day? That idea of running out of blog posts sometimes still haunts me today, mostly when I am not writing a blog post. It’s okay I guess with a blog and an audience(of course, you guys) comes a greater responsibility.

I must say I enjoy blogging. I enjoy writing posts, I enjoy keeping a word limit for every post and trying not to exceed it, I enjoy sharing my views and opinions, and I enjoy when people give their feedback. I am glad to made some friends here.

I think there were times when I used to think that I will soon burn out and stop blogging but I guess if you take your time in doing the thing, you never burn out and run off the ideas. Another thing this blog drives me to do is to read books. Books and books and more books. I can say because of the blog I have read a vast variety of books. I get to know about a new book which I have never heard or read, almost every week. It feels good and becomes interesting when people share their views on different titles written by different writers or mutually share an opinion with me over a single title. When I started this blog I had an idea just to read and review a hundred books. I think I have surpassed the number and I really don’t care about the number here, not anymore.

Along the way I have learnt much about blogging. It’s a great experience to experience and will only be known to you if you experience it. Things I have learned here after spending the amount of time is that you have to be honest about your opinions or views over a thing no matter what. Especially when writing about books, I cannot know everything about books. At times, I cannot write everything in a review, that metaphor, those subplots, no. I try to be as honest in the reviews as I can, it is important for me to share my views on the subject.

Consistency is another matter and another lesson you learn when blogging, or not. When I started this blog I was not consistent at all. For the past few months, I have been trying to be consistent in publishing blog posts and I don’t know how much I can hold to that but it is fun. It is fun to be consistent and it is fun not to be. It can be a good thing, if you write more you get more ideas to write about, and it can go the other way around. ‘To be or not to be’ consistent is not the major question here. I think as long as I am reading there is going to be some blog material to write about. The other consistency I am developing is the consistency in my writing.

That’s all I got for now.

If you are a blogger, what piece of advice will you pass on?


40 thoughts on “Things I Have Learned About Blogging”

  1. I have recently learned that having a theme for your blog really helps with the process. I have posted more recently then ever because I finally decided that my blog would be about stories of any kind (movies, books, TV shows…etc.) It really helps with the writing process.


  2. I’ve learned that reaching out to other bloggers is the key to a good blog. If you want people to read what you are writing, you have to comment and like and just connect. Not only does it foster reciprocal reading, but it also can give you ideas for your own blog. It’s all about being part of this awesome community. 🙂

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      1. I felt I had to cut back on my following other blogs, because on two separate occasions, one of those other bloggers completely monopolized my WordPress Reader with tons and tons of posts on subjects that hold no interest for me whatsoever. British Labour Party hysteria, and British soccer results–and nothing else to read!


    1. Thanks for reading it. Don’t take it as an issue, enjoy the time even you are not consistent. I believe when you are not consistent you tend to do blogging with more excitement and be less monotonous. 🙂


  3. Some weeks I struggle to write but I usually have something to share. Blogging has taught me not to overthink EVERYthing. At the end of the day, it’s still my space and I decide what I want to put out there.


  4. Hi Aman,
    Great post, it reflects the experiences of many a blogger I think. Like you I worry about running out of ideas, of the well running dry, but then I think of something that Maya Angelou said: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” It’s a good mantra, and, when I’m at a loss it always encourages me to just start writing and see what happens. And, guess what, something always does happen.


  5. When I began book blogging in 2008, it was so much fun. I had just discovered this hidden bookish community but over the years it sort of lost its charm. I’ve have so many burnouts that I’ve lost count 🙂 Since last couple of years I have been blogging at my will. No schedule, no obligations. It is liberating. One thing I’ve learnt from blogging is that no matter how well read u think u are, there’s tons of awesome stuff still out there to dig into..


    1. I agree, there is always more stuff left to be explored, more books, and more stories, and in my personal experience I have got to know about books through blogging and reading other persons’ experience about them. It’s good that you are willingly blogging from seven years. 🙂

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  6. I’ve recently discovered that any sort of running theme gets people interested. My A-To-Z thing, a mathematical glossary of topics linked by absolutely nothing but being in order, has got me more consistent readers than anything I’ve done in ages.


  7. One and a half year of blogging.
    If I had a tip, it would be: Stay honest.
    When the writing comes straight from your heart, there’s a very noticible quality about it.
    Everything then just seems to fall into place if you stick to that.


  8. One more tip from this struggling blogger. Write ahead. I’ve got three or four weeks of posts written and scheduled. Drafts are ready for another month beyond that. Ideas are penciled in for next spring. All that allows me to take a week of vacation at the lake. A real vacation. No blog writing. Thanks for writing your blog.


    1. Yes, what you have said is true. The scheduling of blog posts in advance causes stress, I remember when I use to write a post and publish it at that and afterwards a good feeling. Since I started schedule blogging, there are times when I feel the quality of my posts are downgrading themselves.

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      1. Because of this stress I have decided that unless I am feeling good about the blog post, I won’t post the blog.

        As I would rather post a blog I like and feel that my readers will like rather than just posting a substandard blog post for the sake of keeping to a blog post schedule.

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