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GUEST POST- The Reading Troubles by Alex


by ALEX 

Everyone who loves reading has to go through these reading troubles, once a while.  But since we love books too much,  we are willing to adjust. So, I’m going to list all those and ask you something regarding it.

  1. Withering

Books are as precious, beautiful and delicate as flowers. So just like flowers,  they wither too. Just look at your copy of your favorite book. As many times as you’ve read it,  the book has suffered. The bind is bent, pages are folded. It’s in bad shape, no doubt. But what can we do? We have read it so many times. The proof shows on the outside.

Which is the book on your shelf that is in worst condition?

  1. Foodie

Reading is big trouble for foodies. It’s really hard to read and eat at the same time. You can hold the book perfectly with one hand and eat with the other. But you have to turn the page too. And that’s the problem. Are you going to keep the book down,  turn the page and pick it up again or are you going to use that dirty hand and ruin the pages. I know the trouble of eating while reading. Never goes well. Suggestions?

  1. Book suggestions

People always come to you for suggestions. And it’s really hard. Because you don’t have just one favourite book that you can recommend to everyone,  you have dozens. So first thing,  recommending 20 books when the person asks for one. And going through your mental list like crazy,  deciding which one to suggest amd which one not. Leaving your favorite book out because you know it’s not of their taste and even though it breaks your heart,  you stay quiet. The worst thing is when the person doesn’t like or doesn’t even read the book that you recommended. Have you gone through such situations?

  1. Favorite Author

When someone asks you who your favorite author is,  you don’t reply. You just look at them as if they are crazy. Because is it even possible to have just one favourite author? Who are your favorite Authors?

  1. Lending

When you let someone borrow your book and they return it in a bad condition,  or worse don’t return it at all. You have to be really careful and graceful while telling them no because you just love your books so much. I don’t let anyone touch my books. My precious. Have you ever had any of your books returned in bad condition?

  1. Don’t have anything to read

This is a reader’s nightmare. Having nothing to read,  whether literally or metaphorically. Because sometimes you have a huge TBR pile and yet nothing to read. How many books are there on your TBR (to be read)  pile?  

  1. Distraction

Has it ever happened to you, that you are reading a perfectly good book but then you get distracted by other books and leave the current one to pick them up. Because your TBR pile is just huge. And you have so many beautiful books. You just keep getting distracted and can’t finish anything. Which book did you get distracted by?

  1. Lazy

Admit it. As much as we live books,  we do get lazy sometimes at the sight of a big book. As much as you love getting more to read,  you usually keep pushing those big books behind on the TBR (To be read) pile. And even when you start reading them,  there’s no way you are gonna finish it before a month because you are just that lazy and there are plenty of other books you can finish first.  Which book took you longest time to finish?

  1. Fear

We readers have lots of fears. Fear of accidentally ruining any of our book,  fear of leaving your book behind when you are travelling, fear of not being able to finish your TBR pile,  fear of someone not returning the book they borrowed,  fear of your library card getting cancelled,  fear of your favorite character dying,  fear of your OTP breaking up.  We just live in constant fear. Which is your biggest fear?

10.Music and bathing 

Listening music while reading is just beautiful. But sometimes music distracts you and you are reading the same line over and over again. What’s worse is when you can’t find perfect music that goes with the book. Reading while taking a bath is quite relaxing but no matter how much you want,  you’ll always be afraid of your book accidentally falling in the water. And you just can’t read during a shower. Have you ever dropped a book while taking a bath?

  1. Crying

There are books and characters that break your heart into pieces and crush you. And you just sit there crying and sobbing. You are a blubbering mess. But what do you do when you are in public? You try to hold your tears back but it’s just not working. You hide behind the book but you’ll ruin it. You don’t have a tissue and everything is just hell. And also,  you can’t read while you’re crying. Because tears make everything blurry. So if you need to read,  you have to stop crying. But you can’t stop because this book just shattered you. Which book made you cry the most?

  1. Waiting

We hate waiting. Every reader hates waiting. That’s a universal fact. No arguments. You’ve just read a book and you’re craving for more but nope the sequel isn’t out yet. You have to WAIT. Ans sometimes you have to wait for years (Yes Mr.George R Rmartin,  I’m talking about you.)  What’s worse is when the date gets pushed back even more or if the book is just not upto your expectations. Or you’ve forgotten all about the previous book because it just took so long. Which is your most anticipated book right now?

So,  these are the book problems readers have to face. Do answer the questions and tell me what you think.

Signing off


 Author’s Bio:

I’m Alex,  the reader and blogger from

If you really want to know,  I am an Indian and Alex is a pseudonym. Also,  I’m a girl. I’m part of many fandoms and I read a lot. I love exploring different genres except non-fic. Never liked it. I love music and art even though I can’t play any instrument or draw. That’s all about me.. But you can ask me anything you want.


11 thoughts on “GUEST POST- The Reading Troubles by Alex”

  1. Since I’m on my iPad I’m only going to reply to 3 of the topics.

    1) I think the most worn copy on my shelf is The Host by Stephenie Meyer and only because I lent it to a couple of people and they weren’t as careful. Plus I’ve reread it a few times.
    2) I know that struggle all too well. I could never figure out a great way to read and eat with a paper book but when I got my kindle life became so much easier. I just prop it up with something and set it to the side of me and tap to switch pages.
    10) I have no advice for the music bit (except maybe stick to classical? It’s less distracting) but worrying for the book getting wet I do. Once again, kindle makes life easier. Put the kindle in a ziplock bag and make sure it’s really closed well. Then you don’t have to worry at all.

    Great post!


  2. the book in the worst condition I own is probably ‘1984’ by George Orwell and its really good so far. I never eat when I’m reading my book but I think I’d probably wash my hands. I also own an eBookReader which is pretty good because the book can’t get dirty. When I have to recommend books I usually ask the type of book she/he wants to read and recommend around five books then. It’s usually way easier to pick the best one and the person can get the basic information out of every book to decide on her/his own. I think I’ll never be able to answer this question because there are so many amazing authors in the world but one of my favorite authors is probably John Green. I usually don’t borrow my books because I’m scared people will forget to give it back. My TBR pile is endless and will probably endless forever. I just can’t decide what t read next, this is incredible difficult. I got directed by the book ‘the great gatsby’ while I was reading ‘the rosie project’. But happily i was able to read them both. I’m still reading it (while reading other books at the moment) but ‘the rosie effect’ takes me such a long time to read bleugh…. I think my biggest fear is to lose my eBookReader. I’ve never dropped a book by reading, which I’m really happy about. don’t call me numb but i never cried during reading a book or watching a movie. i don’t know whats wrong with me 😦 – i really liked your post and hope I’m not as uninteresting as i think x


    1. You are not uninteresting. And I am weirdly emotional. I cry in the most non-cryable (that’s not a word) parts and don’t cry when I’m supposed to. And John Green is one of my favorite authors too. And I’m surprised you can even pick 5 books. I usually recommend few Standalones and Trilogies and series and then they can pick for themselves. My TBR pile is always growing and it’s never going to end. 🙂 Glad you liked the post.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I think I would never be able to pick five books, if you ask me what my favorite ones are. But I’ve got some special kind of books and I know that most teenager/young adults are usually reading the typical books. Like the books everyone else is reading as well. I usually never recommend a very unknown book because most of the people are very skeptical then.

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  3. I love my soft, ragged, read-to-death books the best. I have five of them. They are The Three Musketeers, The Hobbit, The Pickwick Papers, The Canterbury Tales, and John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. During the A-to-Z Challenge I wrote a post about them:

    I have huge TBR piles all around the house. It would be silly to only read one book at a time because at different times one is in different moods. A nimble mind can easily remember what is going on in several stories!


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