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BOOK REVIEW: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Most of us know Elizabeth Gilbert from her bestseller Eat, Pray, Love. I remember reading that book and never completing it. It is a bestseller as well as one of the most critically bashed as I have seen from reviews all over the internet. I don’t have an opinion on it though, since I never completed reading it. But a few days back, I got my hands on her newest non-fiction, Big Magic: Creative Living and Beyond Fear, which I think everyone at least should have a glimpse of it.

Gilbert’s Big Magic is a sermon telling us not to fear our creative sight. In this book, she offers insights into the mysterious nature of inspiration. She talks about creativity as freely as if someone merely telling you his or her thoughts on a subject that is not subjective at all but an essential to discuss among two human beings. She claims rightly about that Humans being differ from other animals in terms of creativity. Every animal on this planet seeks basic survival instincts. Food, water, shelter, sleep, poop. We, humans, seek another extravaganza factor that differ us from every other species. And that is called ‘Creativity’. If no creativity, mind you, you won’t be reading this blog post because I wouldn’t have read the book. With creativity comes curiosity. Internet might have been there but it would be an utter boredom without creativity.

Gilbert in her book encourages each and every one of us to discover our hidden ‘jewels’ that can be in the form writing a book, painting on a canvas, making a song, finding new ways to address challenges at our work, doing what we have dreamed enough, and infuse our everyday with mindfulness and passion. Her title, ‘Big Magic: Creative Living and Beyond Fear is self explanatory as she provide insights from her life as well as few of her colleagues or the artists she have admired in her course and telling her readers to seek your creativity, make things, and should not at any point be fearful of yourself or let your fears become a disappointment. She offers oneself that there is not an age limit to start something, because throughout our life we all will be beginners and getting a degree to do something is not a bar to be set nor to follow. If one is spending time on something one will become an expert on it to a manner eventually.

Overall the book the book provides a good matter on the topic which it concerns, talks a lot about author’s journey of becoming a writer and the narrative voice is active and adequate. It is not a self-help book and neither is intended in that way at all.

3 out of 5!


20 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert”

  1. I am about halfway through this book. Interesting to get others’ input on it. I’m really finding some wonderful nuggets of truth that resonate for me both as a writer and educator. Thank you for posting this!


    1. It’s a non fic, it’s altogether different form Eat, Pray, Love which is lying on my shelf for many years in a row now and was disappointing. This one is all about what goes in a creative process with some anecdotes relating to her own experience.


  2. I actually love this book. I recommend it often to people seeking validation for their creativity. I like the section where she talks about being creative just for the outlet it provides you, without putting pressure on the craft to also support you.
    I love reading your take on it though. Not every book is perfect for everyone 🙂


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