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BOOK REVIEW: City of Bones by Michael Connelly

When it comes to cold cases, we love one of them. We, humans, are designed in a way that digging up the past is not only a hobby or an option for some but it is rather an astonishing state of affairs for everyone. Even the crime fiction writers, such as Michael Connelly.

This is though not my first experience with Connelly’s books. Previously, I read his The Lincoln Lawyer which I thought was an average book and looked better on the big screen with tanned up Matthew McConaughey and his southern accent. After getting much annoyed on listening his fans chanting his name through and through, not wanting to turn a Connelly hater but wanting to explore the world of crime fiction, I decided to give Harry Bosch a chance this time.

Detective Harry Bosch come across a twenty year old murder case, when the bones of a twelve-year-old boy are found and scattered in Hollywood Hills, Bosch’s own territory. With media attending already on the case, the pressure on Bosh grows as he uncovers the story and life of the dead boy.

All is not well, neither for Bosch as he is haunted by unpleasant and unwelcome memories this cold case brings back from his childhood and the loneliness that comes along with. The dead boy’s past is not so pleasant but there skeletons in the closet to be discovered.

Connelly’s gripping plot and short narrative drove me, a crime fit fanatic, to end this tale in mere few hours. The book is perfect for travel reading, or half a weekend reading. The character development revolves around Harry Bosch and the people he is involved on the daily basis. There isn’t much to characterisation here, except that of Bosch’s.

Having been read Rankin’s John Rebus previously and few other crime fiction books, I expected the crime procedurals as usual, realistic. There is some similarity between both the intriguing characters- Harry Bosch and John Rebus, such as both came into existent around same time, both have difficult relationships with their superiors and aren’t eager with the rat race, both characters are haunted by their past for different reasons, and both have a rich taste of exposing every closet have a skeleton. The title, City of Bones is totally justified and it’s an enjoyable one-time read.

3 out of 5!


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