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BOOK REVIEW: Living on the Volcano by Michael Calvin

The job of a football manager is not as easy at it may sound. The modern day football clubs treat their manages as any other profession, instant hiring, instant firing. Michael Calvin who impressed lover of the sport as well as readers with his book The Nowhere Men which is about scouts and scouting. Well this one is about managers.

The book starts with Arsene Wenger’s forward and then each chapter is based on a different manager in which the does most of the speaking. The book is written in the style of an interview cum recording. Not many interviewerees are big name but surely their experience in the field speaks for itself. Other interviewerees are Mark Hughes who is currently at Stoke City, Garry Monk recently sacked by Swansea City, Roberto Martinez and Brendon Rodgers.

They reveal a different view of the job that is hidden from the Television and from its viewers. Calvin hasn’t done much of the talking himself. But he does intervene a few times to get the best talk about the shop. It’s an interesting read, if you are passionate about the sport itself.

3 out of 5!


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