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BOOK REVIEW: Thicker than Blood by Munmun Gosh

Sometimes when you are reading a book, it’s all about the reading. The plot, the characters— likeable ones and unlikable ones, nobody gives a damn about mediocre ones. The setting matters at times when a reader is in the mood. The setting of the plot again matters if a writer can surprise irrespective of a reader’s mood. Such as I won’t be looking forward to the setting of the plot in a Shakespeare’s play as much as in Charles Dickens’ novel. There a lot of other factors which we, as readers, unknowingly look forward too.

Thick than Blood by Munmun Gosh tells a tale of a couple who are facing a misadventure in their marriage when are introduced to a reader. The wife, Mayuri, cannot conceive even with the medication involved. Her husband, who thinks he loves her, together, tries various treatments that brings out the pressure of society, their own parents, both physically and emotionally, straining their married relationship.

A book never fails in exploring a theme so does this one. A book always arouses curiosity in a reader’s mind in form of questions and this one doesn’t fail to do so either. I have to appreciate the writer, Munmun Gosh, for her poetic writing style which completes this book. Her writing is what made look forward to another page until I reached the back cover of the book.

It struggles as its characters with too much emotional struggle and fails to make an impact on the reader. It drags somewhere in between and that’s what set me off when I was reading it. However, it doesn’t fail to cover and show a reader how the closet relations of an individual become distant and ignorant and a stress to him when surrounded by chaos already.

Every human being feels superior and all good when straining an individual who is surrounded by the chaos but those beings are not even up to the mediocre level. The book is great example of what society does to a person in a particular scenario and gives an idea of how to overcome the society.

3 out of 5!


6 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Thicker than Blood by Munmun Gosh”

  1. Haven’t heard of this author either. Clicked on t because the cover looks like maybe an Indian Robin Cook or something. Sorry to hear that it didn’t impress you much.


    1. This is her second novel I guess. It’s not at all Robin Cook, the genre is more of a contemporary Indian society. It’s not that impressive. The theme it touches is very deep and I think that is essential but I would prefer if the plot would have been a bit more interesting.

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