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BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins

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We are all capable of thinking creatively. Why? It gives better productivity, more satisfaction than the mediocre, and improves visualisation. Rod Judkins, the author of The Art of Creative Thinking, is a lecturer and an academic on the arts. But this certainly doesn’t mean one has to attend or get some modern education on attaining the creativity. There is no fountain of creativity to drink from.

On reading The Art of Creative Thinking, I observed from Chap 1, that Judkins knows what he is talking about. He quotes, he para-phrases, and he writes mostly about the obstacle one intends to face when suffering from lack of creativity and how to develop some cues and turn them into habits as you progress in your daily life. This is not a self help, or is concluded in that way, this is my conclusion. You can have yours once you are done with it. That’s why Judkins’ book is so special. It doesn’t conclude in a definitive manner and rather leave that part up to you.

Chapters are short, but time-consuming. The format of the whole is a cycle which if you follow, will guide you from chapter A to chapter M then to Chapter F but you don’t have to follow this cycle and you can completely ignore the kinds of remarks at the end of every chapter that indulge you in this cycle. Every chapter is sample of author’s own observation and some content is inspiring and motivating as well.

The book is full of good bits. One can always have a glimpse of chapter randomly, may be first thing in the morning. The book suggests to analyse negatives as positives in terms of response or feedback to your work. Judkins informs, The history of culture is one of negativity towards new work and new ideas, to a point where public annoyance can be seen as endorsement.” Some advice on being your own critic freely and implementing that type of freedom gives you better analyse of the scenario.

5 out of 5! RECOMMENDED! 

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6 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins”

  1. My creative thinking is mainly achieved by just getting on with the writing but it is amazing how many ideas on plot weaknesses and the way to fix them come up unawares when I am being domestic. Whic maybe isn’t enough!


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