2016- Readaholic’s Half Yearly Recap


This year is now an half offspring. Five months gone,summer is now inside my house, sitting idly, watching me read books and I am hoping you are spending your time with summer reading books.

I welcome new followers and appreciate the blogging community for their continuous support. Confessions of a Readaholic has now 3900+ followers. Who would have thought that?

This post is just a recap of what’s going on, on Confessions of a Readaholic since the start of this year. Tops posts and all that stuff, yeah.

Hand Picked Posts of 2016

Book Reviews:


Understanding Infinite Jest


Introduction to The Bard

Stop Procrastinating and Start Reading

Book Lists:

5 books I read on “Reading Books” in 2015

4 CyberPunk Books To Read



8 thoughts on “2016- Readaholic’s Half Yearly Recap”

  1. Congrats on all the followers. If you have any tips for gaining more followers I would have a listening ear! lol I am struggling to get 500. I think you have a wonderful blog. It’s refreshing. You have very different taste in books than me and I enjoy reading your thoughts on the books you have read.


    1. Thanks Heather! I am glad you enjoy reading this blog. The only way is to blog and blog and continue to do what you are doing. Having blog does help intellectually and personally, connecting with fellow bloggers. May be you could try Guest Blogging on the blogs you like, if they offer that.

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  2. Congratulations on having so many followers! I have only been going for a year and so don’t have as many. But your blog is providing a valuable resource about books that would be of interest to many many people so I am not surprised you have so many followers…


    1. I don’t think the number matters, it’s just being part of the community and doing what I love to do to books that matters. Thanks, keep up blogging, it has its own rewards and you’ll acknowledge them when they start to pay off!


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