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BOOK REVIEW: Pimp by Shashank Gupta

Shashank Gupta’s debut work Pimp is a psychological thriller, an engaging plot that is full of events. From the first page of this book, it starts to show signs of how a book under the category of a thriller should be developed.

The protagonist who at the age of sixty, whose mind with considerable amount of wit is driven by desire and goes on to explore as one might refer to the sin of the flesh. Some might refer this to darkness of the human mind, I completely believe it’s just a part of it not entirely the darkness. The plot revolves around the protagonist and his stepmother, his passion of love and chaos.

There is a unique kind of mystery created by Shashank Gupta in this book. One doesn’t get to read this type of mystery or thrilling experience that grabs attention one’s mind completely. The narration is as uncommon as the mysteriousness and the dialogue between the characters are tenderly written for the reader to read. 

This novel touches themes like endurance, relations, love and hope and the protagonist is one of the characters who might stay in the memory of his reader for quite some time. He will be staying in mine for some time for sure. It’s the way he is presented. The characterisation in general is mediocre and it failed to gather my attention as did the plot.

One cannot deny the book is enjoyable, time spent is worth in general. There is a relaxing way of writing represented by the writer of the book that can produce a thrill in a matter of pages. This book does contain some illustrations that try to define the state betwixt the characters and the plot and is a distinctive way of defining the writer’s state of mind at that point. After reading the book I had a clear understanding of its entitle.

3 out of 5


6 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Pimp by Shashank Gupta”

  1. Hi Aman, having read your review I am in two minds ‘an engaging plot’ ‘one doesn’t get to read etc’ then ‘it failed to gather my attention as did the plot’, is this a book you would recommend my spending 10 hours on or should I look elsewhere? What do you think?



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